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What is linalool ?

Linalool is an aromatic compound that is very present in nature and in our everyday products. It is a member of the family of compounds called terpenes. In the form of volatile oils, these terpenes combine with cannabis to reveal its flavors and aromas. We propose to discover some secrets of linalool, this compound so important and still so mysterious but full of promise.

A compound found in our daily lives

Linalool is an alcohol that occurs naturally within many plants. It is a colorless oil from the terpene family. It has a minty, floral aroma and is used in both cosmetics and the cleaning products industry.

Linalool is used in the composition of many essential oils including peppermint, orange, Scotch pine, lavender officinale, rosewood, bergamot, etc. It also composes extracts of lemon, orange, ylang-ylang, myrtle and lemon balm. It is therefore present in some perfumes and toilet waters, but also in scented cosmetic products: shower gels, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, etc. It is therefore a compound in many everyday products.

Linalool: a terpene among others

Linalool a terpene among others

Linalool is one of 200 terpenes present in cannabis resin. The production of terpenes takes place in the heart of the glandular membranes of the leaves: the trichomes. These are present on the part of the plant frosted with resin. They are sort of microscopic biological factories specialized in the production of cannabinoids.

Terpenes are responsible for the effects that different varieties of cannabis have. A greater or lesser presence of linalool will influence the experience. Thus, two cannabis strains with identical THC levels could have different flavors and effects depending on the concentration of linalool.

Linalool causes the so-called "primitive" parts of the brain, whose role in the past was to detect, via the sense of smell, possible dangers, to react. Linalool is certainly the most important terpene within cannabis. It is essential for taking advantage of the plant's therapeutic power. Researchers are carefully studying the presence of this terpene to develop cannabis strains that can target specific pathologies.

Properties of linalool


Lowered blood pressure


Decreased sensation of pain


Relaxing effect


Effect against pain, insomnia, etc


Stimulation of the nervous system in adults

Is linalool an allergen?

When linalool comes into contact with oxygen, it synthesizes allergenic compounds. In the form of volatile substances, linalool causes inflammatory reactions. It can induce skin allergies in the form of atopic dermatitis, urticaria, or eczema.

An allergy is a violent reaction by the immune system to a so-called "foreign" body. An inflammatory reaction ensues, causing the visible symptoms of allergy.

An allergy is a violent reaction by the immune system to a so-called "foreign" body.

To confirm a linalool allergy, it is essential to contact a dermatologist. The latter, via various skin tests, will be able to determine whether the patient is allergic to this compound. Allergies vary depending on the person and the product. They can be produced by plants, dairy products, medications or even animals.

How is linalool used with CBD?

Within cannabis, linalool provides a subtle touch. It enhances the taste of cannabis. The properties of this compound are mainly interesting through the environment effect. This is a mechanism through which the different ingredients in cannabis influence and reinforce each other.

Linalool is considered a choice ingredient in combination with cannabis to enhance its soothing effects. It would thus have a virtuous action against stress. Despite its relaxing effects, it does not affect the coordination and perception of consumers. Note also that linalool would strengthen the immune system, solicited during periods of stress or negative events.

In sum, linalool is the subject of many medical researches regarding its extraordinary properties to fight against several pathologies:

  • Stress, anxiety
  • Pain, inflammation
  • Infections due to bacteria
  • Alzheimer's disease

So linalool is a molecule that is known to give cannabis a fresh, floral aroma. It is appreciated for its therapeutic effects that scientific studies tend to recognize more and more. This terpene is a source of growing interest to fight against certain pathologies sometimes very disabling.

All the information on our website is intended to help you understand our products. It does not constitute medical advice and is certainly not a substitute for specialist medical advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist before consuming any cbd product.
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