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Is CBD compatible during pregnancy ?

Pregnancy is both a wonderful and scary event. In addition to providing intense emotions, pregnancy is a restrictive time when the mother must closely monitor her health and that of her child. Generally, this monitoring is done through the foods and drinks that can be ingested, the creams that can be applied to the skin, etc. If you are pregnant or have been pregnant, you know how difficult it is to control everything. What can you consume and what can't you? This question comes up a lot, and it's especially the case with CBD.

You want to rule out any risks to your developing baby, and that's completely normal. All moms are focused on the well-being of their fetus. However, pregnancy is also a source of suffering for mothers-to-be. This is why some seek natural solutions to reduce headaches, nausea and pain.

Due to its relaxing, stress-relieving and pain-relieving effects, one might think that CBD is ideal for making life easier for pregnant women. But is CBD consumption compatible with pregnancy? Could it have a negative impact on the life of the baby? All the answers to your questions about CBD and pregnancy can be found in this article.

CBD, what is it ?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of many cannabinoids found in hemp plants. Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids including CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). These 2 cannabinoids come from the same plant but they provide very different effects. THC is the molecule responsible for the psychoactive, euphoric and addictive effects of hemp. This is why THC is on the list of narcotics prohibited for sale and consumption.

Therefore, THC should not be confused with CBD, which, on the other hand, is perfectly legal and poses no danger to health. Used for therapeutic purposes, CBD is known for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Most of the time, it is used to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. In fact, CBD can provide great relief from the majority of everyday ailments.

Why is the body upset during pregnancy?

Giving birth is a dream for many women, but it is also an upsetting stage for the body because all parts of the body are turned upside down: hormones, organs, muscles, brain mechanisms, etc. Hormones are certainly the biggest change for pregnant women because they have an influence on all the organs. By playing the role of messenger, they act on certain essential functions such as mood, sleep or even metabolism.

These changes are manifested very early since the hormone peak appears as early as the second week of pregnancy, just before starting a sharp drop. Because of this hormonal disruption, pregnant women experience uncontrollable variations in appetite, mood, sleep, and more.

The heart is also a major source of stress.

In addition, the heart and lungs are more stimulated during pregnancy. Blood pressure decreases and can cause discomfort. Regarding breathing, some women suffer from hyperventilation and dizziness. Faced with all these constraints, many women are considering CBD during pregnancy.

Can CBD be consumed during pregnancy ?

Can we use CBD during pregnancy?

According to doctors, some pregnant women are taking CBD therapeutically and, so far, it seems to be safe for them and their babies. Nevertheless, we still lack the hindsight from a scientific standpoint to say that CBD consumption is safe. For the moment, there are no official contraindications. By precaution, some prefer to abstain.

So yes, you can consume CBD during pregnancy, but not in any form. It seems important to remember that CBD should not be smoked during pregnancy. Whether it's tobacco, CBD or e-liquid, smoking during pregnancy should be completely outlawed as inhaled smoke is very dangerous for babies.

Don't forget that today there are many alternatives to the joint: CBD teas, dietary supplements such as CBD capsules or candies, CBD topical products, etc. You are bound to find your happiness among these hemp-derived products.

What are the risks of using CBD during pregnancy ?

The only risks of using CBD during pregnancy involve the tobacco you could potentially smoke with it. Smoking during pregnancy can lead to serious consequences such as miscarriage, premature delivery or developmental delay. If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD safely, just don't smoke it.

What do scientists say about CBD during pregnancy ?

Unfortunately, the scientific research is not yet extensive enough to say with certainty that CBD is safe for pregnancy. Certainly, there are no contraindications to speak of, but there are no guarantees either. As a pregnant woman, it's up to you to decide what you think is best for your health and that of your child.

Although there is still some vagueness surrounding the issue of CBD during pregnancy, it must be said that it also helps many women get through this period with more calm and serenity. For some, CBD has been a lifesaver. By reducing pain, nausea, stress and anxiety, getting through this tumultuous time seems much easier.

Most pregnant women who consumed CBD during their pregnancy turned to CBD herbal teas or infusions, but also CBD oils to be consumed sublingually.

All the information on our website is intended to help you understand our products. It does not constitute medical advice and is certainly not a substitute for specialist medical advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist before consuming any cbd product.
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