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The price development of CBD on the European market

The CBD (cannabidiol) trade has been growing in popularity in recent years. The good news is that there are more and more consumers and the legislations are gradually becoming more flexible. Sellers are multiplying and the offer is growing. This dynamic is not without consequence on the evolution of the prices of CBD on the European market. In order to see more clearly and to better understand the current market prices, we invite you to discover the factors that determine the prices, as well as an average of the current prices in 2023.

What are the factors that define the price of CBD ?

The price of CBD varies over the years, but it can also vary from store to shop. In order to fully understand these price variations, it seems essential to look back at the different factors that make it possible to establish fair prices based on the CBD product. Obviously, all these factors have an impact on the final quality of the product and therefore, on its price.

The CBD variety

The first factor that will set the price of a CBD product is the variety of hemp used and its origin. Indeed, CBD is legal in many countries and throughout the European Union. However, not all countries have the same restrictions on THC levels. For example, Italy allows up to 0.5%, while France is limited to 0.3%.

Also, some varieties of hemp are very popular and in high demand. They are therefore naturally more expensive than other less famous ones. Examples include OG Kush, Amnesia and White Widow.

They are also very popular and in high demand.

Growing and extraction methods

The method of cultivation is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of CBD. Generally, CBD plants are grown Indoor, Outdoor or Greenhouse. Indoor and Greenhouse cultivation require more equipment and attention, resulting in higher quality products. As a result, Indoor or Greenhouse CBD flowers are more expensive than those from an Outdoor grow.

When flowers are not consumed in their raw state, they are subjected to extraction techniques that recover the cannabinoids and create other derivative products. Again, the extraction techniques vary in complexity and do not achieve the same results. Note that a CBD extraction can include other cannabinoids to achieve a broad or full spectrum.

The CBD content

Most consumers choose their CBD products based on the concentration because this is the factor that will determine the strength of the relaxing effects. The higher the CBD level, the higher the price. In the CBD shops, it is possible to find flowers going from 5 to 30% CBD. There are also even more powerful products such as asteroids or crystals with more than 80%.

The format of CBD

The final determining factor for the price of CBD is its format. In both physical and online CBD stores, you can find CBD in the form of flowers, resins, oils, vaping liquids, capsules, candies, creams, herbal teas or even edibles. Some formats have better prices than others.

What are the current prices of CBD ?

What are the current prices of CBD?

The price of CBD flowers

For high-end flowers, organically grown and cultivated Indoor or Greenhouse, you should expect to pay around 10€ per gram. For a good CBD flower, the gram costs on average 8€.

The price of CBD resins

CBD resin is made from the trichomes found on the flowers. The price will therefore depend on how the trichomes are extracted, which is more or less technical and expensive. The price of the resin also depends on its concentration in cannabinoids. It is generally necessary to count between 5 and 9€ for 1 gram of resin.

The price of CBD oils

The price of an oil is determined by its CBD concentration. The higher its concentration, the higher its price. An oil with 5% CBD costs an average of £30, while an oil with 30% Full spectrum can cost over £80. Although the oils may seem very expensive, it is important to remember that they are highly concentrated products and a small amount is enough to feel powerful effects.

The price of CBD vaping liquids

The price of a vaping liquid or e-liquid depends mainly on the volume, brand and quality of the content. For a 10 ml bottle, you should count between 10 and 60€ per gram of CBD.

Why has the price of CBD dropped in recent years.

CBD seems to have lost its value due to the increase in the number of producers and sellers, which has led to a saturation of supply in the market. This increase in producers is notable across Europe, whether in France, Switzerland, Italy or Spain. Since 2014, the price of hemp per kilo has reportedly dropped from €10,000 to €2,000. In 2018, it was between 3500 and 4000€ per kilo. Today, the price of CBD would be stabilizing.

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