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How to smoke CBD ?

CBD is a molecule extracted from cannabis plants. It is used to make products such as flowers, resins, oils, crystals, herbal teas, food products, cosmetics, etc. In recent years, CBD consumption has become increasingly popular. Indeed, many people want to take advantage of its therapeutic properties. But how to consume it?

The most traditional method is to smoke CBD flowers or resins in the form of a joint. Although it is the most popular, this method is also criticized for the risks it can cause on the health of consumers. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about smoking CBD.

Is smoking CBD legal ?

CBD is present throughout Europe, but its legality is recent. Officially, CBD has been marketed in France since 2018. Initially, the level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) allowed was 0.2%, but it is now set at 0.3%. Some neighboring countries like Switzerland allow up to 1% THC.

To fully understand this restriction, it is important to know that THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects of hemp. Because of its euphoric and addictive effects, THC is classified as a narcotic, and therefore a drug that is prohibited for sale and use. While THC is illegal, it is still allowed in very small amounts in CBD products.

Certainly, CBD is 100% legal in France and Europe, but can we smoke it? In theory, it is not advisable to do so, but in practice, many consumers do it anyway. To facilitate the work of law enforcement, the French government has announced that it will implement a quick test to differentiate between CBD and THC during controls. This control would only apply to CBD flowers and resins which have an identical visual aspect. Only an analysis can know exactly their composition.

In summary, smoking a CBD joint in the street is not recommended, but it is not formally prohibited either. So be discreet and avoid smoking in public places so as not to get into trouble, but also not to bother others with the smell of hemp.

Smoking CBD, with or without tobacco ?

Smoking CBD, with or without tobacco ?

Most people who smoke CBD flower or resin joints will top them off with tobacco. The problem is that tobacco smoke is extremely harmful to your health, and nicotine is particularly addictive. By smoking CBD with tobacco, there is therefore a real risk of addiction and deterioration of health in the long term. The toxic substances released during combustion have a considerable impact on the lungs.

Running with tobacco is not a very good idea, but it is not forbidden either. By choosing to smoke CBD with tobacco, you know the risks you are exposing yourself to. Note that in some countries such as Holland, where even THC is legal, it is forbidden to roll a joint with tobacco in the famous coffee shops.

Smoking CBD, what effects ?

Whatever the method of administration, the effects of CBD are always the same. CBD is known for its relaxing effects on a physical and mental level. Thanks to its anti-stress and anti-pain properties, it helps to overcome most everyday ailments. Smoking CBD allows you to get these relaxing effects quickly.

When you smoke CBD, the cannabinoids pass directly through the lungs and quickly reach the bloodstream. As a result, you feel the soothing effects within 5 to 10 minutes. On the other hand, these effects are not long-lasting, unlike the oral mode of consumption.

If you choose to ingest CBD through an herbal tea or food product, the cannabinoids must pass through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. In this case, it is necessary to wait between 30 minutes and 1 hour before feeling the benefits of CBD. With the ingestion method, the effects can last for many hours because the active ingredients of CBD remain in the body longer.

If you're looking for quick, short, intense relief, smoking CBD is definitely the right method for you.

Smoking CBD, what products ?

On the CBD market, there are many derivative products, but not all of them are intended to be smoked. Only CBD flowers and resins can be smoked. For electronic cigarette smokers, there is also the option of e-liquids and vape pens.

What are the different methods for smoking CBD ?


The most classic method is to smoke the flowers and resins in the form of a joint. This is done by crumbling the flowers with a grinder, or the resins by hand and rolling them in a sheet with a filter or a piece of cardboard. Dried cannabis flowers are the easiest to roll.

The problem with the joint is that it is often mixed with tobacco. As you know, tobacco use is bad for your health. In addition, tobacco alters the therapeutic properties of CBD.


Very similar to the joint, blunt involves filling a cigar wrapper with CBD flowers. The advantage is that you only need the tobacco leaves and flowers to make a blunt. These blunts are easily found in tobacco shops. Many times, they come in a variety of flavors to flavor your blunt and optimize your experience.


The use of a pipe is very simple. The advantage is that this utensil is small, compact and easy to carry. To use it, simply crumble your flowers, fill the container provided, light it and inhale. It is a discreet, reliable and convenient tool for your travels.


Using a bong or bubbler helps to soften the smoke in your throat and lungs with a partially water-filled chamber. In addition, you don't need much equipment, except the bong, flowers and a lighter. Fill the tank provided with crumbled CBD flowers, light up and inhale.


The healthiest way to smoke CBD is with a vaporizer. Although this accessory is a big investment, it is the only one that has a temperature controller. Thus, it heats the flowers and resins instead of burning them. Without combustion and without tobacco, you have a smoke at the same time healthy and controlled. This is a state of the art tool to preserve your health by smoking CBD.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are also a healthy way to smoke CBD. However, this method is quite different as it does not allow you to smoke CBD in its raw form, namely flowers or resins. The good news is that there are now ready-to-use CBD e-liquids. Another advantage and not the least, e-liquids are available in many flavors to satisfy the tastes and colors of everyone.

All the information on our website is intended to help you understand our products. It does not constitute medical advice and is certainly not a substitute for specialist medical advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist before consuming any cbd product.
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