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The moulaga : All about it

Nowadays, we often hear about Moulaga or Moula. We wonder about the meaning of either term. We ask young people who chant at the top of their lungs "Give me some Moula!" all day long. Curiously, they answer us vaguely. In reality, just like us, they don't know the answer. Round-up to lift the veil!

Moulaga: definition

No wonder the answers are so vague and leave us wanting more. After extensive internet research, we discover that "Moulaga" has not one, but several definitions. And oddly enough, sometimes the definitions mean things that are closely related to each other, and other times things that turn out to be quite frankly opposite. Let's take a look at the different definitions of the term and their origins.


Moulaga means money. This is the most well-known definition, because originally the word meant illegal cash money. Today, it's just money, in the same way as dough, flooz, money, tune or even sorrel.


Moulaga is also synonymous with cannabis. In CBD cannabis, the term La Moulaga refers to high-quality products, including effective strains that offer specific effects. Commonly, "being on moula" means "having consumed cannabis and feeling the effects."

The People

Moulaga also sometimes represents people, albeit with a pejorative undertone. The people, referred to here, are sort of like the sheep of Panurge who only follow others without managing to make decisions for themselves.

A "hot" person

The word can also describe a person with a particularly attractive physique.

A humiliation

In some contexts, the term can have the meaning of humiliation. To put the Moula is to give someone a blow or defeat them in a fight.

A state of mind

A state of mind

Rap singers gave birth to the phrase "Moula Gang" to refer to a state of mind of people who have the same aspirations in life

Moula is a slang term

From one generation to the next, young people enjoy inventing their own ways of speaking in order to distinguish themselves from adults. It is a phenomenon that crosses both eras and cultures, known as slang. Slang is spoken within a given social group. It can involve word manipulation (slang, for example), truncations (zik for music) or even borrowing from foreign languages (kif or seum from Arabic).

Moulaga is a slang term. It comes from the Anglo-American slang "moolah", having the meaning "cash". The term appeared in rap song lyrics in the 1990s and was adopted by many rappers. So much so that it easily joined the long list of teen and young adult slang.

Where is the Moulaga ?

To put it mildly, it's difficult, if not sometimes impossible, for the uninitiated to understand what today's rappers are saying. In France, Akhenaton used the word Moula in 1995 in his hit "J'ai pas de face."

After 10 years, the phrase is back in the spotlight with MHD. The moula comes in cannabis, money, chick, etc. I'm going to put the moula on you means here, I'm going to do your party. Heuss l'Enfoiré is going to revisit the moulaga and cook it up with all kinds of sauces. But even though he cries out for "Give me some Moulaga," it's not clear what he means. What we can take away from the clip is that the Moulaga brings good humor and a good atmosphere. You never get bored with her. According to Rap Jeu, the word is repeated over 53 times in the same song.

Similarly in "Elle est où la Moulaga" by Abdel Soulax, one wonders what the singer means concretely. All we can remember is that the two terms come up with a very high frequency. And as Boba la D says so well in an interview on Konbini: it's a word that is invented and revisited in each context...

Our conclusion on Moula

At the rate at which the term "the Moulaga" keeps reinventing itself, we will not be surprised to see new definitions appear in the years to come. Already today, we're having fun giving it meaning as we see fit. Would the songwriter agree?

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