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Quality CBD: what guarantees for consumers ?

CBD has become in France, and in just a few years, a very popular and commonly used product. Various studies estimate between 6 and 10 million regular consumers in France, or between 10 and 15% of the population! In 2022, the CBD market in France has been estimated at 1 billion euros and some experts say that this amount will double before 2025. These figures alone explain the proliferation of sites and dedicated stores offering CBD products, not to mention tobacco shops and even some pharmacies. This more than promising market has therefore seen the number of retailers multiply, some more interested in the prospect of getting rich than in satisfying their customers. The question is no longer how to get CBD, but rather to ensure the quality of the product you are about to consume. To help you see this clearly, Magna CBD has written this short guide to help you identify good quality CBD for sure.

A quality according to the origin of the CBD.

The demands of consumers towards products from agriculture have increased in recent years, and the regulations have accompanied this requirement for transparency and traceability. If you want to buy a CBD product (flowers, oil, resin ...), your first reflex should be to inquire about its origin. A good quality CBD must be organically grown, without pesticides or worse without carcinogenic substances. The trader must also be able to guarantee that the THC content respects the legally defined threshold of 0.3%. Experts even believe that a threshold around 0.2% guarantees a better quality CBD. At Magna CBD, all our products are organically grown and come from identified Swiss and Italian producers, whose expertise and reliability are recognized throughout Europe. The THC level is also perfectly controlled and always remains under the legal threshold, guaranteeing you the absence of undesirable psychotropic effects. Transparency, traceability and quality are, for us, non-negotiable imperatives.

Aromas and a unique taste characterize quality cannabidiol.

Whether it's CBD flowers, oil or resin, with a little experience it's possible to rely on your senses to recognize a good quality CBD product. Touch can give you an initial indication. CBD flowers that are not sticky, but a little greasy, almost soapy, are generally of good quality. A rather sticky and smooth resin also offers good guarantees. But it is especially the sense of smell and the taste which will be mobilized. It is the terpenes which are at the origin of the flavours and aromas of CBD. The more the plant of hemp and its flowers in particular will be rich in terpenes and the more its aromatic palette will be complex and subtle. The smell released by the flower must be pleasant, and one must be able to recognize the scents of fruits or spices for example. In the case where the flower is dry, does not exhale any perfume, or on the contrary smells musty or wet, you can be sure to have to deal with a product of low range which it is better to flee. The CBD oil must also give off an attractive scent. Finally, when you taste it, your palate should detect notes that are sometimes sweet or tart, sometimes more pronounced, woody, spicy or earthy. Each CBD flower has its own aromatic range depending directly on its terpene profile. If you don't experience any flavor, we advise you to stop consuming this low quality product.

A CBD head with few seeds and stems.

When you order CBD flowers, you must receive CBD flowers. Not seeds and stem pieces, which are not meant to be eaten. If upon opening, you see a significant presence of these stems and seeds, it can mean one of two things:

  • either the sorting and preparation process is not very rigorous and the quality control very poor;
  • or the reseller is unscrupulous and tries to artificially inflate the weight of your order.

In either case, it's best to forget about this reseller. When you buy your CBD flowers from Magna CBD, you will only receive premium quality CBD flowers. No waste, no deception, nothing but the product.

Beautiful CBD flowers

Beautiful CBD flowers

The appearance of CBD flowers is also a guarantee of quality. Fat, pretty green flowers attest to the presence of trichomes and resin. The trichomes look like small hairs surmounted by a kind of small cushion. They give the resin as well as this white color, a little milky to the flower. Their presence is essential, since they are at the origin, not only of the taste, but also of the effects! The more your CBD flower will have small hairs a little milky, the more you can hope for rich flavours and powerful effects. These trichomes are also a very important indicator to harvest the flowers at the best time, neither too early (the effects and flavors will not be fully developed, nor too late (the flavors and effects will have lost their intensity). Conversely, you don't have much to expect from a dry flower, bearing few trichomes.

A quality label for CBD

All passionate and conscientious dealers are waiting for the implementation of a label guaranteeing the quality of CBD. This label must be for the consumer an essential tool to sort through a plethoric offer that sometimes looks like a jungle. Good news: this label should soon see the day! The Ministry of Economy has indeed asked UIVEC (the French Union of industrialists for the development of hemp extracts) to set up a quality label in 2022. This label should take the form of a label mentioning the source of CBD (natural or synthetic), its geographical origin, its method of cultivation (green house, open air ...) and the results of analysis revealing the possible presence of undesirable substances or various pollutants. These analyses will of course be carried out by independent and approved laboratories. The upcoming implementation of this label is an opportunity for professional retailers, but especially for customers, since a labeled CBD flower will offer all the guarantees of quality.

When will we find CBD flowers made in France ?

France being a very large agricultural country, and the European leader in the production of hemp, one may be surprised not to see many CBD products "made in France" yet. The situation should change very soon with the evolution of the legislation. From 2023, CBD flowers produced in France should be offered for sale, offering all guarantees of quality and traceability.

In conclusion, in an extremely dynamic market, the consumer must play the competition to value retailers offering quality products. Identifying the source, using one's senses to test the product are good ways to identify good quality CBD, in anticipation of being able to consume labeled and made in France products soon!

All the information on our website is intended to help you understand our products. It does not constitute medical advice and is certainly not a substitute for specialist medical advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist before consuming any cbd product.
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