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Is CBD an aphrodisiac?

Sexuality is a topic that remains sensitive for some people. They may be stressed about not performing well, or have complexes about their bodies. Others suffer from chronic illnesses that prevent them from fully enjoying their sexual life. If you find yourself in any of these situations, know that you can use CBD to have a fulfilling sexuality again.

CBD can be considered an aphrodisiac, in that it helps to arouse sexual excitement. Thanks to its properties, it can also help you take away the feeling of stress that prevents you from simply enjoying the moment with your partner.

It is important to learn as much as possible about natural products that can be used as an aphrodisiac. That's why we suggest you read on, to better understand how CBD could play this role.

Can CBD be considered an aphrodisiac?

CBD is a natural product that can be very useful in many areas, including sex. Indeed, having sex may seem like a natural thing for some people, but for others, it is a real ordeal and for different reasons.

To remedy this, there are several solutions among which we can cite:

  • A therapy
  • A medical treatment
  • A natural solution to boost libido.

So it is in the last category that we find CBD. It should be noted that libido disorders are often caused by situations that cause stress and anxiety. These are negative emotions that can develop and amplify over time, causing a real emotional block.

In this case, sexual practice under normal conditions is compromised, and it becomes impossible to enjoy one's sex life. The most common blockages in people affected by this problem are: embarrassment and fear. Because of these emotions, the body can no longer release the hormones that take away the stress and cause the feeling of pleasure.

This is where CBD can come in. Indeed, once ingested, it induces a sedative effect that allows the body to eliminate stress. You can therefore find the taste for sex and drop all those apprehensions that were holding you back. It should be noted, however, that CBD is not similar to THC that gets you high.

In fact, CBD helps you get rid of your stress, while leaving you in full control of your actions. So you can enjoy the moment of pleasure that is offered to you through sex, with peace of mind and full knowledge.

What is the connection between CBD and sex?

The reason why research regarding CBD is currently linked to its role in sex life is because it has been shown to be effective in this area time and time again.

In fact, long before CBD became a real cure for most of the ills plaguing our society, many couples were already using it in the bedroom.

A survey conducted in the US on this subject showed that a large portion of the population used CBD for the sole purpose of enhancing their sexual pleasure. The results show that in men, the use of CBD would make an erection last longer.

For women, this product would instead allow them to reach orgasm more quickly. There's even more interesting! In fact, in most of the people surveyed, the use of CBD would have led to more intense orgasms. Of course, these studies cannot replace scientific tests, and therefore do not allow to affirm with certainty the effectiveness of CBD in sexuality.

However, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, it is safe to say that CBD can be helpful for low libido based on the surveys conducted. Since it is a safe natural product, there is nothing to lose by trying it. It would be a shame to let the flame that unites your couple be extinguished because of a failure on the sexual level.

Not that sex is the only thing that matters in a couple, but it does help unite spouses in a more intimate and open relationship. So if you're having trouble, consider using CBD to get through it.

How can CBD improve your sex life?

As you probably know, CBD is a compound found in cannabis plants. It is fairly new on the market, which is why it is not considered legal in all countries. Fortunately, in France, even though the regulations are quite strict, it is possible to find and use CBD to solve various health problems.

Among these problems is the lack of libido. As noted above, scientific research is still ongoing on this topic.

However, CBD has already been shown to have the potential to help improve sexual pleasure and desire, because it can:

  • Reduce anxiety

Anxiety, stress, anxiety, these are all feelings that dampen sexual desire and decrease your performance. Taking a few drops of CBD oil or spraying some CBD flower before you perform can help you replace your anxiety with a sense of calm, euphoria and relaxation. As a result, you'll be in the right frame of mind to have sex and enjoy it to the fullest. Basically, CBD allows you to reduce your inhibitions, so you can enjoy a more intense sexual pleasure.

  • Improve blood flow and desire

When you apply CBD topically, it can act as a vasodilator. Therefore, it can promote the expansion of vessels and allow blood to flow more easily. The renewed blood causes arousal and better stimulation before sex.

  • Reduce pain

Finally, people who suffer from endometriosis usually have trouble enjoying sex because of the pain caused by their condition. Thanks to CBD and its anti-inflammatory properties, the pain that can occur during sex is eliminated.

In addition, anxiety is reduced, allowing you to enjoy an even more enjoyable experience. As you've seen, CBD can be a great help for people who are having some difficulty enjoying their sexuality to the fullest. It is not a cure for impotence per se.

Nevertheless, it can help boost libido by increasing sexual arousal. So when asked if CBD could be used as an aphrodisiac, the answer is yes!

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How do CBD lubricants work?

CBD lubricants come to intensify pleasure by increasing arousal and stimulation. They help deliver CBD to the genitals, to relax muscles and increase pleasure during sex.

What is CBD used for during sex?

CBD can be used as a lubricant to enhance pleasure during penetration. It can also promote sexual arousal, or help with pain management during sex.

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