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Can you use CBD during pregnancy?

CBD has been one of the most controversial substances in recent years. Scientists have managed to prove its effectiveness in several areas, but there are still doubts that persist.

This is the case, for example, when it comes to the appropriateness of using CBD during pregnancy. Indeed, many people question whether or not a pregnant woman can afford to consume CBD.

Well, it is impossible at this time to make a statement on the subject. Despite their extensive research, scientists have not been able to rule out the risk of complications during pregnancy with CBD consumption. This is understandable, as women have several ways to ingest the substance, and the presence of THC cannot be ruled out.

In reality, CBD is and remains a rather fuzzy subject on many topics. It is true that its effectiveness in the treatment of disease and pain is no longer in question. However, is it appropriate to consume it while carrying a baby? This is a question that you will find some answers to in the following.

Is there a risk in consuming CBD during pregnancy?

As we pointed out earlier, it is still impossible to know whether or not CBD could have any negative consequences on the proper course of a pregnancy. Indeed, despite all the research that has been done, scientists have not yet been able to agree on the subject.

So we will have to be patient while the use of CBD as a remedy spreads around the world. That way, there will be more investors and more researchers who can push the testing a little further.

In the meantime, what we can say is that the tests contradict each other. For example, there is a study done on several pregnant women a few years ago, which shows that even cannabis could be safe for pregnancy. The study involved 44 pregnant women, 24 of whom used cannabis regularly.

This means that they were ingesting both CBD and THC during their pregnancy. At the end of the study, the children of these 24 women exposed to cannabis looked healthier than those of the other women.

At the same time, women who used only CBD during their pregnancies experienced varying degrees of complications. In the end, it would seem that everything is conditioned by the metabolism or body of each woman.

So, if you are wondering about the possible risks of using CBD during your pregnancy, you should know that there is no clear answer on the subject. So you are the sole judge of whether you want to try using this substance to relieve your pregnancy-related symptoms.

One thing remains certain, however: CBD is far less risky than some licensed and doctor-approved pharmaceuticals during pregnancy. So the important thing will be to choose the treatment method that you feel most appropriate and comfortable with.

How CBD can affect pregnancy

CBD is a muscle relaxant used in the treatment of various diseases. Recent studies have shown that it can have an impact on pregnancy and on a woman's body during this period. Among other things, it has been shown to help women reduce the pain of contractions.

The tests have not yet been done on women, but it is a convincing study to be trusted. Research in 2010 found that CBD could reduce the pain of uterine contractions caused by oxytocin.

So, while THC has been shown to cause damage to embryonic cells in certain circumstances, we are forced to acknowledge that this is not the case with CBD.

However, it must be remembered that the studies were carried out on pregnant mice. They showed that the embryo could develop normally despite ingesting CBD during pregnancy.

So we'll have to wait for these tests to be carried out on humans to find out if the results are 100% reliable. For now, according to testimonies from some women and also some health professionals, CBD during pregnancy can:

  • Support the pain of childbirth
  • Avoiding the use of epidural
  • Fight hypermesis of pregnancy, a disorder that has no treatment to date other than CBD
  • Help calm and combat nausea, etc.

How to use CBD during pregnancy

For a woman who chooses to turn to CBD to alleviate pregnancy-related ailments, it is important to make the right decision regarding how to take the substance.

Already you should know that smoking weed is strongly discouraged. Even if you find varieties that contain mostly CBD, there will always be traces of THC in these herbs. Smoking it would therefore cause the ingestion of chemical compounds that are very harmful to the baby and the mother.

This is why it is best to opt for CBD-rich foods, also known as cannabic foods. The problem with this option is that unless you cook these foods yourself, it will not be safe to eat them. So the easiest and safest method would be to turn to CBD oil.

You will have to be careful to find a supplier who makes CBD oil from organic hemp. This way you can be sure that it is 100% CBD, with a total absence of THC.

Then you can use your oil in a variety of ways to relieve your symptoms. You can ingest it directly, mix it with your meals, or use it to massage the painful areas. The main thing is that you are completely comfortable with using it.

Related issues

Can CBD cause infertility in women?

To date, scientific research on CBD has not proven a link between CBD use and infertility in women. What we do know is that it is advisable to avoid the use of THC if you wish to conceive.

Can CBD ease the pain of childbirth?

Yes, in some women, CBD may help reduce contraction pain. However, it should be noted that there is no scientific test that can attest to its effectiveness in such circumstances for all women.

CBD is a legal substance in many countries, because it has proven to be an effective remedy in many circumstances. According to testimonies from some women, it is also proving to be useful in relieving pain and problems related to pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this is not a scientifically proven fact, especially as the effects are not as encouraging in all pregnant women. So should you use CBD during your pregnancy? That's a question each woman is free to answer according to her instincts.

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