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All about the link between CBD and alcohol

When observing the various effects of CBD on humans, it is normal to wonder about the possible link that may exist between this substance and alcohol. Thus, even if CBD is recognised for its benefits, should it be consumed with alcohol without worrying about the interactions that might occur?

The first certainty here is that CBD and alcohol can indeed interact with each other. However, contrary to what one might think, the effects of this interaction are quite positive. CBD reduces the impact of alcohol on the body. This explains why it can be used to treat alcoholism.

If, like many people, you have always thought that mixing CBD and alcohol should be avoided at all costs, you should know that in fact, it could be advised instead. How is this possible? Well that's what we invite you to discover in the following.

What does mixing alcohol and CBD do?

To better understand how CBD and alcohol may interact with each other, you must first look at the effects of each of these substances. For example, alcohol is primarily a powerful depressant. It has a significant effect on the brain, and can therefore affect our ability to speak, our mood, and even our coordination. The more you drink, the worse the effects become and you may even pass out. What's worse, if you drink alcohol regularly and in large quantities, the negative effects on the body can be more severe and permanent.

CBD, on the other hand, is a real ally for human health and well-being. Indeed, it has a positive influence on the nervous system and on the body in general. It is involved in the regulation and maintenance of the balance of several biological systems. For this reason, many scientists believe that consuming both substances simultaneously can only be good for you. Indeed, thanks to its properties, CBD could limit the effects of alcohol on the body.

Several tests have been carried out on this subject, but the results are rather inconclusive. Some tests show that CBD can reduce the level of alcohol in the blood. However, they do not clearly demonstrate the role of CBD with regard to the immediate side effects of alcohol. Other tests have shown that despite CBD consumption, alcohol affects you in the same way. What remains certain, however, is that the properties of CBD make it an ally against the harmful effects of alcohol in the long term.

CBD can combat the negative effects of alcohol?

Since the results of scientific tests are inconclusive on the interactions between CBD and alcohol, simultaneous consumption of both substances should probably be avoided. However, using CBD as a preventative treatment can help you avoid some of the negative effects of alcohol in the long term. Therefore, to ensure that you get the benefits of the link between these two substances, there is no need to mix them to make a drink. You simply need to use CBD in a complementary but separate way to alcohol. It is therefore preferable to leave a few hours between taking the two substances. In this way, CBD will be able to:

Prevent cell damage

As you probably know, excessive alcohol consumption can cause serious health problems in the long term. These include cell damage and the development of chronic diseases such as certain cancers, liver disease, etc. Fortunately, CBD presents itself as an ally for cellular protection and against alcohol-induced damage.

CBD is a powerful tool for the prevention of alcohol-related diseases.

Reduce blood alcohol levels

If you are in the habit of consuming CBD, this substance can offer your body real protection against the effects of alcohol. Therefore, thanks to CBD, you can reduce the level of alcohol in your blood. However, be careful not to take a few drops of CBD in order to miraculously lower your blood alcohol level before driving. In reality, even though the level of alcohol in your blood will be lower, tests show that the effects of alcohol on your mood, alertness or ability to concentrate do not disappear. So be careful!

Can CBD cure alcoholism?

Succeeding in overcoming alcohol addiction is a real challenge for our era. Many solutions already exist, including detoxification cures, support groups, etc. Unfortunately, for most people who find themselves trapped in this vicious circle, these solutions are far from always being effective. It could be then that thanks to its properties, CBD is becoming one of the best remedies to free oneself from alcohol addiction.

In practical terms, CBD helps to reduce the symptoms of addiction, which makes the withdrawal phase easier. The experiments carried out took into account laboratory rats and not humans, but they discovered that thanks to CBD, one could:

    • Prevent relapse during the alcohol withdrawal phase
    • Significantly reduce alcohol consumption
    • Decrease motivation and interest in alcohol.

If one is tempted to believe that these experiments could be applied to men, it is because CBD has already been shown to be effective in combating drug addiction. It has been used for several years as a key component of withdrawal treatments for drug addicted patients, particularly in the US. So if you are currently suffering from alcohol addiction, you can start a CBD oil treatment now to consume daily. Opt to take a few drops directly under the tongue early in the morning, to make the need for a first drink disappear or at least be delayed.

As you have seen in the previous lines, there is indeed a close link between CBD and alcohol. First of all, the mixture of these two substances limits the action of alcohol in the blood. This is quite positive because it means that thanks to CBD you can avoid the side effects of alcohol in your body. Secondly, it is also important to know that it is possible for people suffering from alcohol addiction to overcome this condition thanks to the consumption of CBD. We can therefore deduce that the link between CBD and alcohol can only be positive for humans.

Relative Issues

Can CBD help with addictions?

Yes CBD can help fight addiction. Indeed, it has been shown to help people addicted to marijuana to kick the habit, as well as alcoholics.

Are there any drug interactions with CBD?

Yes, according to scientific studies, CBD has been found to cause negative interactions with 57 drugs. Among them are mainly anticoagulants, antidepressants, oral contraceptives, etc.

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