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Fleur CBD Cannabomb 23%
Fleur CBD Cannabomb 23%

Fleur CBD Cannabomb 23%

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What is CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower

This CBD flower is a perfect hybrid between Indica and Sativa varieties, as it contains 50% of each. This balance gives it many interesting properties for physical and moral well-being. Pretty resinous in appearance, this flower has a green hue with amber highlights.

Its cover is crisscrossed with trichomes, which accentuates its distinctive texture.  The CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower has a CBD content of 23%. It contains 0.18% THC, making it compliant with European standards that require less than 0.2%.  High in terpenes, CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower has a truly unique scent profile.

Its fragrance is balanced, both gourmand and fine.  Flavor-wise, earthy and woody notes mix with citrus and pineapple notes for an exotic touch. The CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower is ideal for CBD flower lovers who want to taste an amazing variety.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

The CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower is therefore a perfect blend between Indica and Sativa types. The Sativa variety originally grows in tropical regions or located on the equator. It is taller than Indica as it can grow up to 6 feet tall. It also has finer heads. This variety has stimulating and motivating properties.

It also brings concentration when necessary. Its flavor is fruity and light. The Indica variety grows naturally at higher altitudes. It has more relaxing and soothing effects due to its higher cannabidiol content than the Sativa variety. Indica's smell is stronger and has very recognizable woody notes. 

What are the benefits of CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower?

Due to its 23% CBD concentration, CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower has strong relaxing effects.  Consumed at the end of the day, it helps to soothe tension and reduce one's state of stress and anxiety.

It also provides muscular relaxation and helps release body tension. Consumed at least thirty minutes before bedtime, it reduces the usual time to fall asleep and allows for a more serene and deeper night's sleep.  When consumed early in the day, CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower brings focus to work. 

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