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Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%
Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%

Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%

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Learn more about the GORILLA QUEEN Indoor CBD flower

If you're looking for a cannabis strain with sweet coffee notes, the GORILLA QUEEN Indoor flower is for you! It also has a light pine aroma that is very fresh and pleasant.

As far as flavor goes, there is a woody and slightly earthy taste. There is also a citrusy touch as well as a sweet note. So this flower brings together powerful scents from nature to provide an unforgettable taste experience. 

The GORILLA QUEEN Indoor CBD flower is therefore recommended if you feel like testing an original and uncommon flavor, which brings together power and flavor. 

GORILLA QUEEN Indoor flowers contain 21.7% CBD and 0.19% THC. Its richness in cannabidiol is appreciated for the abundance of its trichomes.

Good to know: in order to meet the European legislation, a CBD flower must contain less than 0.2% THC to be sold legally. 

What are the benefits of GORILLA QUEEN Indoor CBD flower?

The high CBD content of GORILLA QUEEN Indoor flower offerspowerful, near instantaneous relaxing effects

Thus, GORILLA QUEEN Indoor CBD flower helps to fight insomnialight or heavy. Consumed in the evening, it first of all helps decrease the time it takes to fall asleep to gain you precious extra minutes of sleep.

Then, it allows you to enjoy a deeper and restorative sleep.Thus, nighttime awakenings are limited and repetitive nightmares are avoided. With better sleep, you'll feel better as your day goes on and gain productivity.

GORILLA QUEEN Indoor CBD Flower is also suitable for people who suffer from anxiety or stress, whether chronic or temporary. After consumption, you will feel calmed and more serene. This relaxation of the mind will also relax your muscles, which are often unconsciously contracted when under stress. 

GORILLA QUEEN Indoor CBD flower can therefore relieve your muscles after a good workout. 

Finally, the GORILLA QUEEN Indoor variety has a pain relieving effect. Therefore, it can be consumed in case of headaches, migraines, nausea or stomach aches.

Good to know: CBD is very effective in reducing and relieving inflammation of the digestive system.

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