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Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%
Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

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What is a CBD flower

CBD flower comes from hemp, a plant containing many molecules with therapeutic effects. 

CBD flower therefore contains some CBD, also known as cannabidiol, one of the molecules in hemp. This one is of course allowed by European regulations and has no psychoactive effect. The CBD carries no risk of addiction, unlike THC, considered a drug.

This cannabinoid plant therefore has several virtues, which are now accessible through the consumption of CBD flowers. There are two types of flowers:

  • Indica: this is the variety that produces the most flowers. These have a higher CBD content than the Sativa variety, which gives them soothing and relaxing properties,

  • Sativa: this variety, which thrives best in tropical climates, has a wide aromatic palette and confers stimulation and energy to its consumers.

What are the characteristics of the ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse flower?

The ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse CBD flower is dense and compact visually. Dark green, it is distinguished by its dark orange pistils. 

This is a hybrid flower that contains about 60% Indica variety and 40% Sativa

The ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse flower has a CBD content of 17.4%. Its THC content is 0.18%, which makes it compliant with European legislations. 

It has a strong, earthy smell with a slight smokiness that is reminiscent of cheese. This is a flower that has a strong olfactory character and is aimed at CBD enthusiasts who like strong olfactory notes. This flower can also give off a spicy scent.  

Finally, the ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse CBD flower is naturally grown in Europe. 

What are the virtues of ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse CBD flower?

Due to its slight Indica dominance, ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse flower has mostly soothing effects

It is perfect for dealing with stressful situations, or to soothe more chronic anxiety. Consumed at the end of the day, it helps bridge the gap between work and personal life.

You can also consume ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse CBD flower at night before bed. Its soothing properties reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve sleep quality. With it, you will have fewer nighttime awakenings and a more restful sleep. 

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