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Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%
Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

Flower CBD Royal Cheese 17.4

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What is a CBD flower ?

CBD flower comes from hemp, a plant containing many molecules with therapeutic effects. CBD flower therefore contains a certain amount of CBD, also known as cannabidiol, one of the hemp molecules. This is, of course, authorized by European regulations and has no psychoactive effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) carries no risk of addiction, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is considered a drug. This cannabinoid plant therefore possesses several virtues, which are now accessible through the consumption of CBD flowers.

What are the characteristics of ROYAL CHEESE flower ?

The ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse CBD flower is visually dense and compact. Dark green, it is distinguished by its dark orange pistils. It's a hybrid flower containing around 60% Indica variety and 40% Sativa.

The ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse flower has a CBD content of 17.4%. Its THC content is 0.18%, making it compliant with European legislation. Its scent is powerful and earthy, with a slight smokiness reminiscent of cheese.

This is a flower with a strong olfactory character, aimed at CBD enthusiasts who like powerful olfactory notes. This flower can also give off a spicy scent. Finally, Royal Cheese Greenhouse CBD flower comes from natural production in Europe.

What are the virtues of CBD ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse flower ?

Because of its slight Indica dominance, ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse flower has mainly relaxing and soothing effects. It's perfect for managing stressful situations, or soothing more chronic anxiety.

Consumed at the end of the day, it bridges the gap between work and personal life. You can also consume ROYAL CHEESE Greenhouse CBD flower in the evening before going to bed.

Its soothing properties reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve sleep quality. Thanks to it, you'll have fewer nighttime awakenings and a more restful sleep.

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory virtues help soothe most everyday aches and pains, whether chronic or occasional.

What are the consumption methods for ROYAL CHEESE CBD flowers ?

To consume your Royal Cheese CBD flowers, we recommend inhalation by vaporization, infusion or use in cooking.

To use your flowers in cooking, in a drink or in a dish, don't forget to add a fatty substance to activate the active principles of CBD.

To inhale healthy vapors, use a quality vaporizer that you heat to around 180 degrees. This method allows you to smoke without tobacco or combustion.

How long can ROYAL CHEESE CBD flowers be stored ?

Kept away from light and humidity, your Royal Cheese CBD flowers can be consumed for around 6 months.

For convenience, you can store them in the original packaging, which is a hermetic pouch provided for this purpose.

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