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Organic hemp tea with mango flavor

Organic hemp tea with mango flavor

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CBD rate
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Green tea, hemp, mango, mint, lemongrass, marigold flower, lemon peel
35 g.

In the heart of organic hemp tea mango flavor Composition

The base of this very gourmet blend is a green Sencha tea from China, which is very fine and perfectly balanced. It comes from organic farming that respects the environment and your health.

Its qualities allow it to develop no bitterness and to magnify the flavors of the blend. The star ingredient of this tonic drink is hemp CBD (without thc), present at 22%.

This hemp is grown in Germany in accordance with the rules of organic farming. The mango brings an incomparable fruity and greedy flavor, very appreciated in any season.

It is enhanced by lemongrass, mint and lemon that enhance a refreshing whole. This drink can be enjoyed both hot and iced.


The Organic Hemp Tea Mango Flavor is a dry product, packaged within a hermetic package that can be resealed at will, it is indicated to store it in a clean, dry place, away from light. Close the bag tightly after each use.

The benefits of organic hemp tea mango flavor

The combination of several ingredients with beneficial abilities makes this blend a much appreciated health ally...and gourmet. Green tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.

This gives it notorious anti-cancer properties. It is also appreciated during a detox diet for its draining capacities, but also fat-burning. Finally, it is a recognized stimulant that prevents mental fatigue.

The hemp CBD (without thc) is adorned with many virtues. It is able to relieve the evils of everyday life, while stimulating the concentration. Soothing, it helps to overcome stress and anxiety.

Mint facilitates digestion. Its sweetness also gives it soothing virtues. Lemongrass is known for its digestive and calming properties. As for the marigold, or calendula, its health benefits are well known.

It acts as a real bandage for the body. Finally, lemon, astringent, is an excellent detoxifier.

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