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Organic CBD infusion sweet mint

Organic CBD infusion sweet mint

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nanah mint, hemp, peppermint
25 g.

At the heart of the CBD infusion organic sweet mint

CBD, or cannabidiol by its full name, is an active substance in hemp with no psychotropic or addictive effects. The infusion range then combines the benefits of CBD with flavors from different horizons such as sweet mint.

The infusion with organic CBD sweet mint has its place in the range by offering a harmony between the powerful freshness of mint and the benefits of the 70% of hemp CBD contained in our preparation.

The benefits of the infusion will come, little by little, to be felt while the freshness of the mint will have already delighted your taste buds: relaxation and refreshment are at the rendezvous, during the day as in the evening.

With these 25 grams, prepare 14 cups of our organic CBD infusion sweet mint using 1 to 2 teaspoons in 200 to 250 ml of water and heating it for 9 minutes at 100 °C. You can even add milk, for example, for even more pleasure.

Composition What are the components that make our sweet mint organic CBD infusion both refreshing and relaxing?

The recipe for pleasure is simple: 70% CBD hemp and two organically grown mints (nanah and peppermint). All our infusions are, in fact, certified organic agriculture, whether for the cultivation of hemp and mint.

No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or non-organic seeds are used. Please note that all of our infusions are certified organic.


To store the sweet mint CBD infusion from our range, we advise you to place them away from light in a fairly dry and cool place. Light, too much heat and humidity are therefore its enemies. Once brewed, you can also store your infusion in a thermos for 24 h or even 5 days.

The benefits of the organic CBD infusion with sweet mint

Our Sweet Mint CBD Infusion is the perfect proof that it is possible to combine pleasure and benefits. Nanah and peppermints, in addition to their flavors, have soothing, digestive virtues and can become valuable allies against headaches.

The CBD has a very high level of antioxidant activity. CBD, meanwhile, has many benefits. It supports the soothing benefits of mint while providing these beneficial features without negative effects: better sleep quality, fight against stress, muscle tone, good mood, etc.

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