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Pastille CBD Orange 99,6% - 3G

CBD Orange Lozenge 99.6% - 3G

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What is a CBD lozenge Notice to CBD enthusiasts, we offer delicious orange CBD pellets. This fun and convenient format allows you to consume CBD easily throughout the day. These lozenges are orange flavored and will delight those with a sweet tooth for citrus candy. The small size of this bottle is ideal for slipping into a pocket or bag.  ORANGE CBD PASTILLES 99.6% have a total capacity of 3 grams for approximately 30 pellets. They are concentrated to 99.6% CBD, and each one contains about 10 mg of cannabidiol. So they are derived from hemp plants. They do not contain THC and therefore comply with European regulations.  Finally, these lozenges are made in Switzerland and are lactose and gluten free.  How to consume 99.6% ORANGE CBD PASTILLES Depending on your consumption habits and needs, you can adjust the amount of pastilles consumed. However, we recommend starting withmaximum of three lozenges per day, which is an amount of 30 mg of cannabidiol. The lozenges can be consumed during or outside of meals, whenever the need arises. They work after thirty minutes to an hour, and the effects last about four to five hours. If you have days with a lot of travel, 99.6% ORANGE CBD PASTILLE is the ideal format. Depending on the effects seen, you can consume more throughout the day. If you are unsure about the appropriate amount, don't hesitate to talk to a healthcare professional. If you don't like the taste of orange, we also have strawberry, apple and raspberry lozenges. What are the characteristics of 99.6% ORANGE CBD PASTILLES? ORANGE CBD PASTILLES 99.6% are derived from organic hemp plants and grown indoors (indoor culture).  They are made from isolated and then compressed CBD extract. These lozenges are orange flavored and contain orange food coloring. They are suitable for people not used to CBD consumption as well as insiders who want a more nomadic format to consume it throughout the day. Although it's tempting to chew them, we recommend letting them melt under your tongue so the molecules are diffused more quickly into your body.

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