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CBD Wax Amnesia Haze 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Amnesia Haze 66% 1ML

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Amnesia Haze CBD wax is a product with a high concentration of cannabidiol. Indeed, this CBD wax packaged in a 1 ml syringe contains 66% cannabidiol, which is 0.66 g of CBD in 1 g of the product. Wax CBD Amnesia Haze 66 % is pure, without chemical product and can be consumed in several ways to benefit from its numerous virtues.

Wax CBD Amnesia Haze 66% : Production process

The CBD wax is a cannabidiol concentrate extracted from industrial hemp. From the Amnesia Haze variety, this CBD wax is a crystallized oil obtained by the non-chemical CO2 method.

This is a closed circuit process that consists of heating the CBD oil to a low temperature and then whipping it to remove any solvent residue. The result is a very dry and crumbly wax that can be vaporized or consumed sublingually.

The particularity of this CBD wax is that it is extracted from the pollens of cannabis flowers. Famous for its citrus flavor, it contains no trace of THC and is.

What effects?

Wax CBD Amnesia Haze 66% impresses not only by the power of these aromas, but also by its virtues. Indeed, this CBD wax is an excellent anti-inflammatory and an effective painkiller.

It helps to fight chronic inflammation and also relieves pain. You can consume it in case of insomnia, vomiting or nausea. In addition, this CBD wax is very effective in the fight against drug addiction.

Moreover, this wax guarantees powerful effects that will help you relax. It helps to relieve anxiety, stress and depression. Moreover, it is non-psychoactive. It will give you a real feeling of well-being.

How to dose it properly?

Due to its high cannibidiol content, it is recommended to consume this CBD wax in liquid form by heating it. The syringe format facilitates its use, because you can consume it in infusion or vaporization in an adapted grid.

You can also mix it with a fat (butter, vegetable oil, milk) for an optimal fixation of the cannabidiol molecule. Concerning the dosage, it is best to start with low doses, then increase it according to your sensitivity.

Indeed, there is not yet a standard dosage. The 1 ml syringe format will help you to carry out tests to find your dose. However, it is forbidden to smoke it.

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