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CBD Wax OG Kush 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD OG Kush 66% 1ML

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Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid extracted from industrial hemp and has several therapeutic properties. In order to facilitate its use, pharmaceutical laboratories have diversified its form of presentation.

Thus, among the most popular varieties of the public, we find the Wax CBD OG Kush. It is a crystallized oil extracted from the OG Kush variety and containing up to 66% cannabidiol.

What to know about this CBD product?

Advantages of CBD Wax over other formats Wax CBD OG Kush 66% is a concentrate of cannabidiol. It differs from other CBD products on the one hand by its concentration in cannibidiol and on the other hand by its purity.

Indeed, this CBD wax contains 66% of cannibidiol, that is to say 0.66 g of CBD in 1 g of the product. Moreover, this CBD wax has been extracted from a powerful variety of cannabis cultivated without fertilizers or chemicals.

Moreover, this CBD wax is extracted by non-chemical methods and in strict compliance with manufacturing standards. More interestingly, Wax CBD OG Kush 66% has a honeyed texture and contains almost no THC, which makes it non-psychoactive. To simplify its use, it has been packaged in a 1 mL syringe.

Wax CBD OG Kush 66%: what effects?

OG Kush 66% CBD Wax provides many benefits to the body. Thanks to its soothing and calming properties, this CBD wax helps to calm chronic pain.

It also proves to be very effective in the fight against depression and anxiety. Some consumers also report that this CBD product helps to better concentrate at work to perform stressful tasks.

In addition, this CBD wax is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps relieve inflammation. On the other hand, the CBD wax improves the quality of sleep. In case of nausea or vomiting, this CBD wax will also be an excellent ally.

How to consume it?

Being packaged in a 1 mL syringe, Wax CBD OG Kush 66% can then be consumed in pure form or mixed with food. For example, you can make it liquid, then let a small drop melt directly under your tongue.

You can also mix the liquid form with a drink, an infusion, a fat (oil, butter) or culinary preparations. It is also possible to vaporize it with an e-cigarette. You should never smoke it because of its toxic smoke. Although the consumption of CBD wax is legal, its use is forbidden to children.

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