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Wax CBD Banana 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Banana 66% 0.5ML

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Considered by many consumers as the top of the Cannabidiol extractions, Wax CBD Banana 66% 0.5 ml offers a high concentration of CBD. 100% legal and natural, it will surely amaze you with its important calming and analgesic properties, without any psychoactive effect.

How is Banana CBD Wax obtained?

CBD Wax, as the name suggests, is produced from the tops of cannabis plants and flavoured with cannabis banana terpenes. It is composed of crystallized CBD oil and has the appearance of hardened wax.

This wax is obtained by a closed circuit extraction process. The CBD oil is first heated to a low temperature. The solvent residue is then removed by whipping the heated CBD oil. The end result is a very dry and crumbly wax.

How to consume CBD Banana Wax?

To get the most out of Wax CBD Banana 66%, you can inhale it or use it as a food supplement. Dabbing is the usual method of inhaling 66% CBD Wax. This allows for instant consumption and the effects are almost immediate.

Simply add a small amount of the wax to a superheated surface. You can also heat the Wax CBD Banana 66% to make it into e-liquid. You even have the option of pairing it with your food and drinks.

In this regard, Wax CBD Banana 66% works well as an ingredient for your baked goods and various recipes, especially when combined with a fatty substance. However, like other CBD derivatives, avoid smoking CBD Banana Wax. Because the combustion that is released is harmful to the body.

How to dose the CBD Banana Wax?

The search for a good dosage should never lead you to consume Wax CBD in its raw state or in its solid form. The reason is that it is highly dosed. There is no such thing as a single dose.

It depends on the condition you want to relieve, your body mass and your CBD consumption habits. For example, the morning is a great time to consume your 66% Banana CBD Wax. Start with a small dose.

You will increase it afterwards according to your tolerance level. Moreover, you should know that Wax CBD Banana is completely legal, because its THC percentage is lower than 0,2 %, the maximum authorized value. You are therefore safe to consume it.

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