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Wax CBD Berries 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Berries 66% 0.5ML

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Wax Berries 66% is a very potent CBD product that contains a high concentration of CBD and several other substances from the cannabis plant. It is appreciated by users because of its beneficial effects on the body and its exceptional berry flavor. In addition, unlike THC, it is completely legal to consume and has no psychoactive effects. Let's discover this little wonder.

What is Wax CBD Berries 66%?

Wax CBD Berries 66% is a 100% natural extract of premium cannabidiol. It is composed of crystallized CBD oil and does not contain any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. As such, it does not pose any risk to the body.

This wax is obtained through a closed circuit extraction process. It has a high CBD concentration of 66% and a THC level of less than 0.2%. The high concentration of CBD gives it therapeutic and analgesic properties.

How to use CBD Berries 66%?

Berrie CBD Wax 66% can be consumed by vaporization, inhalation or as a dietary supplement through digestion. By inhalation, you can dilute it in a fatty substance (milk, infusion) and vaporize with an e-cigarette or apply a thin layer on a CBD joint.

If it is too solid, heat the Wax CBD to melt it and mix it with your usual e-liquid. By digestive way, it is enough to associate it with food or drinks. You can even integrate it into your recipes and pastries. But, in this case, you will first have to mix the Wax CBD Berries 66% with another fat.

What is the appropriate dosage?

The dose of Wax CBD Berries you need depends mostly on your sensitivity to cannabidiol. Since every body is different, not everyone could handle the same dosage.

If you decide to consume Wax CBD Berries 66%, it is advisable to start with the smallest dose. If you don't find satisfaction, you can start gradually increasing the dosage until you find the right dose.

By the way, this product comes with an easy to use syringe that allows you to control the portions perfectly, with a screw cap to keep your wax fresh and tasty.

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