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Wax CBD Cherry 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Cherry 66% 0.5ML

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Plant Of Life

If you are a cherry lover, then this CBD Wax will suit you very well with its fruity taste. It is made from 100% natural organically grown hemp plants. It is composed of 66% CBD with a THC content of less than 0.2%. It does not produce any psychoactive effect. In addition, this CBD Wax has undergone rigorous quality controls.

The benefits of Cherry CBD Wax 66

Looking for a way to feel the effects of the cannabinoid quickly? Cherry 66% CBD Wax is just what you need. Plus, this natural compound can be used in a variety of ways unlike other CBD concentrates.

It can be consumed by dabbing or vaporizing. In the latter case, the product must be heated on a hot surface to be vaporized and inhaled. You can also mix the liquid obtained after heating with your e-liquid and vapourize with your electronic cigarette.

Finally, it is possible to use it as an ingredient in your recipes or add it to your coffee.

What are the effects of Wax CBD cherry 66%?

You may not know this, but CBD is used by the endocannabinoid system to regulate body functions such as memory, pain, appetite and temperature. Cherry CBD Wax is made up of mostly CBD, so its effects are beneficial to the body.

It helps to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and relieve inflammation. Thanks to its relaxing and soothing properties, it can also be very useful for people suffering from arthritis.

Being almost devoid of THC, the component that gives cannabis users a high, Wax CBD Cherry 66% is therefore legal in France. However, if not consumed properly, it can cause certain side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, changes in appetite or weight.

What is the appropriate dosage?

There is no appropriate dosage. It is up to each person to adopt the dose that allows him to obtain the desired effects. However, we advise you to start with the smallest dose. For this purpose, the product is presented in a syringe for a clean and comfortable dosage.

For those who wish to consume CBD Wax cherry 66% by dabbing, be aware that it is not easy to get the right dosage and the necessary heating. Ideally, then, you should get instructions from someone with more experience.

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