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Wax CBD Girl Scout Cookies 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Girl Scout Cookies 66% 0.5ML

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If you are looking for an exceptional CBD Wax with an exquisite aroma, Scout Cookies 66% CBD Wax meets all the requirements. In addition to having a high concentration of CBD, it is a purely natural product with rigorous certification of its quality.

What is the benefit of Wax CBD Girl Scout Cookies?

Wax CBD Girl Scout Cookies 66% is a CBD wax obtained by decarboxylation of hemp plants. The particularity of these plants lies in the absence of the use of chemicals during their culture.

This extraction was then flavoured with terpenes from the hemp flowers of the Girl Scout Cookies variety. This is what gives it its earthy, sweet and slightly minty flavour.

Its THC composition is very low (less than 0.3%), which places the Wax in the list of products authorized for consumption. Moreover, before being marketed, this CBD Wax has passed several very rigorous quality controls. The reliability of this product is therefore no longer to be proven.

What are the effects of Wax CBD Girl Scout Cookies 66%?

Given its high concentration of CBD (66%), Wax CBD Girl Scout Cookies provides all the beneficial effects of CBD in large proportion. Thus, by taking this product, you will benefit from the calming and pain relieving effects of CBD.

It also gives you a good dose of energy, ideal for facing a busy day more serenely. However, to take full advantage of these effects, you will need to take this CBD Wax by inhalation or vaporization. You can also use it as a food supplement.

What is the dosage for CBD Girl Scout Cookies 66% 0.5 ml?

As the name suggests, the Wax CBD Girl Scout Cookies 66% 0.5 ml is sold in syringes of 0.5 ml. You can start taking this Wax CBD at a rate of one syringe per day in several doses. As far as the right dosage is concerned, there are no specific rules.

With a small dose, you can get a satisfactory result. But, if you decide to increase the dosage, you will have to take into account your weight and your physical condition.

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