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Wax CBD Kiwi 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Kiwi 66% 0,5ML

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Plant Of Life

Do you know the Kiwi fruit? Find all its flavor and irresistible taste in the Wax CBD Kiwi 66% 0.5 ml. This CBD Wax will allow you to enjoy the positive effects of CBD while pleasing your taste buds. Let's discover this high quality CBD concentrate.

What is Wax CBD Kiwi 66% 0.5 ml?

Like most CBD products, Kiwi CBD Wax 66% is obtained from the extraction of cannabis plants. Having been organically grown, these plants and the extraction are absolutely natural.

To achieve the Kiwi taste and flavor, the extraction has been flavored with terpenes from the Kiwi cannabis flowers. In addition to the natural aspect of this CBD Wax, it also has an exceptional quality and a multitude of medicinal and therapeutic properties.

It is also among the substances that comply with the legislation in force. Numerous laboratory studies have confirmed its quality and its positive effects on the body.

What about the consumption of Wax CBD Kiwi 66%?

Coupled with the exceptional taste of Wax CBD Kiwi 66%, you also have a smooth texture that can be taken in a number of ways. Using an electric vaporizer, with an inhale, or as a dietary supplement, you have your choice of all three.

Taken correctly, this CBD Wax will provide your body with the pain relieving and relaxing effects of CBD. Of course, you will have to make sure you use the right dosage.

What is the proper dosage for the Kiwi CBD Wax 66%?

If there is a mistake not to be made when taking Wax CBD Kiwi 66%, it is to rely on the dosages of people who have already consumed the product.

Indeed, cannabidiol reacts differently from one individual to another. Therefore, it is best to start taking the Wax CBD Kiwi 66% 0.5 ml in small doses, spread over a day for a more balanced release. Also, remember that this CBD Wax is not a drug treatment, but rather a complementary solution to relieve an ailment.

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