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Wax CBD Lemon Haze 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Lemon Haze 66% 0.5ML

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Cannabidiol or CBD is known for its many physical and mental health benefits. A non-psychoactive compound extracted from the cannabis plant, cannabidiol comes in many forms, including Lemon Haze CBD Wax. Also known as CBD wax, this CBD Wax contains 66% cannibidiol, or 0.66g in 1g of the product. Free of THC, this CBD Wax is a quality product that will certainly interest you.

Benefits of Lemon Haze

CBD Wax over other forms of CBD Wax CBD is a crystallized oil extracted from the hemp plant using the CO2 method. This is a healthy technique that produces a pure and authentic product.

It does not contain any chemical solvents or pesticide residues. As advantages, CBD wax has a high concentration of cannabidiol, which gives it all the recognized effects of the cannabis plant. There is up to 66% cannibidiol in Lemon Haze CBD Wax.

In addition, this CBD Wax contains other cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, CBC...) and also terpenes responsible for the aromatic flavor of the wax. In addition, the Wax CBD Lemon Haze 66% is available in a 0.5 ml format in an ultraviolet resistant syringe. The aim is to facilitate its use as well as its dosage.

In what form should Iconsume Lemond Haze CBD Wax?

Wax CBD is a concentrate in which we find the whole family of cannabinoid compounds. Of honeyed texture, the Wax CBD Lemon Haze is available in a solid form.

To get the most out of all its benefits, the ideal is to first make it liquid by heating the product in a glass or ceramic container. Then you can inhale it, vaporize it using an e-cigarette or mix it with food (drink, infusion, oil).

How to dose it properly?

Although the consumption of CBD Wax is legal, it is not recommended for teenagers and pregnant women. Moreover, it is forbidden to smoke it because of its smoke which is harmful to humans and their environment. However, to consume it, it is necessary to find your reference dose, because there is not yet a standard dosage for all.

For this, it is advisable to start with a light dose. If you do not get the desired result, you can now gradually increase the dosage starting with one drop until you find the dose that produces the desired effect.

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