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Wax CBD Pineapple 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Pineapple 66% 0.5ML

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The Wax CBD is positioned as the best product with a high concentration of CBD. This justifies its great effectiveness. It is also very popular for its delicious flavors. You will undoubtedly be won over by Wax CBD Pineapple 66% with its powerful subtle pineapple aroma that emerges.

What to know about Wax CBD Pineapple 66%?

The answer is here! What should I know about Pineapple CBD Wax 66%? Wax CBD is a 100% natural extraction from the tops of cannabis plants, which are grown without chemicals.

To obtain Pineaple 66% CBD Wax, a closed circuit CBD extraction method is used. This results in a pure CBD product with no solvent residue. The extraction is then flavoured with terpenes from cannabis flowers known to be the basis of the most authentic flavours.

Like most CBD Wax, Pineaple 66% is a very effective product for relieving excruciating pain. It would also be a real antidepressant and a quite powerful analgesic. Pineapple CBD Wax also improves concentration and helps to better manage stress.

How is Pineapple CBD Wax 66% consumed?

Concerning the consumption of the Wax CBD Pineapple 66%, it is not recommended to smoke it. With this mode of consumption, the product is less effective and the combustion which emerges from it is toxic.

You can inhale it by spraying it. To do this, apply a very small amount to a heated surface. You can also combine it with fats and use it as an ingredient for baking and cooking.

What is the appropriate dosage?

Speaking of dosage, there is no single dose for everyone. The right dose will depend on your weight, your tolerance level and the severity of your condition. It is recommended to always start with a very small dose.

After that, you can gradually adjust the dose to find the one that suits you. In addition, it is also not recommended to consume Pineapple 66% CBD Wax in its pure state, as you risk overdosing. In addition, the Wax CBD Pineapple 66% complies with European legislation with its THC level below 0.3%. It is therefore 100% legal.

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