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Wax CBD Strawberry Diesel 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Strawberry Diesel 66% 0,5ML

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CBD Wax is one of the CBD products with an impressive CBD content. It is very popular among consumers, as it helps to relax the muscles while creating an energetic and lucid feeling. With its strawberry smell and unique fresh taste in the mouth, Wax CBD Strawberry 66% will definitely interest you.

CBD Strawberry Wax: What do you need to know?

Strawberry 66% CBD Wax is a true hydride from the cross between NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough. This wax is simply CBD oil that has crystallized due to its high CBD content. This crystallization is achieved using the state of the art CO2 extraction technique.

This technique eliminates the residue of any chemical solvent. Cultivated in an organic farm, the hemp plants which were also used to produce the Wax CBD Strawberry do not contain any chemical products. The most experienced will recognize in the Wax CBD Strawberry a sweet berry aroma very fragrant similar to blueberry.

The effects of CBD Strawberry Wax

If you are looking for an effective way to fight insomnia, Wax CBD Strawberry is what you need. It also helps to regain perfect concentration for busy work.In addition, it is a very versatile strain, as it relieves anxiety, anxiety attacks, epilepsy, and seizures in patients with schizophrenia.

The Wax CBD Strawberry 66% therefore has calming and analgesic properties. These make it a real tranquilizer capable of bringing a beneficial calm to the body and mind. The most interesting thing about CBD Strawberry Wax is that it has no psychoactive effect.

How to dose the Wax CBD ?

The high concentration of CBD in Wax CBD Strawberry is a major plus, but it also requires a lot of attention when it comes to dosage. In this regard, there is really no fixed dosage.

You must therefore choose your dose according to your body mass and your medical history in painkillers. In the latter case, you may notice a tolerance to CBD Strawberry Wax.

The ideal is to start with a small dose that you can then adjust as you go along. Vaporization is a method of consumption that will allow you to take advantage of the full potential of the Wax CBD.

Use as a food supplement is also recommended. In addition, it is important to note that Wax CBD Strawberry is 100% legal. It has a content of less than 0.3% THC, the maximum allowed by France and some countries of the European Union.

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