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Wax CBD Tuttifrutti 66% 0,5ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Tuttifrutti 66% 0.5ML

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Long unknown to consumers, Wax CBD is one of the best products offering a high concentration of CBD. In addition to having very convincing effects, it is generous in different flavors that will delight your taste buds. The Tuttifruiti CBD Wax will not fail to seduce you!

Truttifrutti CBD Wax: What do you need to know?

Tuttifrutti 66% CBD Wax is extracted from the tops of cannabis plants. It is then flavoured with terpenes from the Tuttifrutti cannabis strain. The term Tuttifrutti is derived from Italian and means "all fruit".

Without accentuated flavour, the Wax CBD Tuttifrutti evokes on the palate, a mix of very refreshing fruity tastes. Connoisseurs will recognize in it the delights of an aroma highly prized for its cocktail of exquisite flavors.

How to consume CBD wax?

To consume Truttifrutti 66% CBD Wax, we recommend that you proceed by vaporization or consume it as a food supplement. To use it, simply apply a small dose of the product to a superheated surface.

By inhaling the vapor produced, you are sure to get the most out of Truttifrutti CBD Wax. You can also mix it with fats to use as an ingredient in cooking or baking. In addition, it is important to know that this CBD Wax would act as a powerful antidepressant. Also, it has remarkable calming properties.

What is the appropriate dosage?

For a beginning, we advise to go step by step by starting with small doses. Indeed, there is no single dose of Wax CBD for everyone. It varies from one individual to another. Factors that vary are weight, blood pressure, history and severity of the condition being relieved.

If you have often taken painkillers in the past, this can lead to a tolerance to CBD. You will therefore have to increase your dose slightly according to your feeling. Moreover, this CBD Wax does not generate any psychoactive effect.

Its THC content is less than 0.3%, the maximum permitted value. The consumption of Truttifrutti CBD Wax is therefore 100% legal.

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