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CBD Wax Banane 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Banana 66% 1ML

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Plant Of Life

CBD wax is one of the best ways to take full advantage of the positive effects of cannabidiol. Discover here the CBD wax banana, a variety which includes a high content of CBD. With its banana flavor, it boasts a honeyed texture made from 100% natural hemp that will bring many positive effects to your body.

Benefits of CBD banana wax

CBD Wax is the safest way to get a quick and effective effect of cannabidiol. Once inhaled, cannabinoids are absorbed by the lungs and transported into the bloodstream. Thus, they have quick access to the brain.

With this new form of CBD, the soothing and anti-stress properties of CBD act quickly on the body to relieve various ailments. With its banana flavor, it is pleasant to consume, whether by ingestion, sublingual intake or by vaping. In addition, you have the option of mixing it with an e-liquid.

Some consumers report that this substance helps improve concentration, allowing you to perform better in chores, tasks and other stressful jobs.

The effects of banana CBD wax 66

Banana CBD Wax 66% is a CBD product that has no psychoactive effects. It is like a fast-acting, high-quality medicinal cannabis, but without side effects and chemical dependency risks.

It is very useful for people who are looking for an effective solution to relieve chronic pain. With this CBD Wax, enjoy the soothing benefits of CBD without getting high. In fact, it helps regulate body functions such as memory, pain, appetite and temperature.

It also offers improved sleep, reduced anxiety and reduced inflammation. As far as negative effects are concerned, these are minor problems such as drowsiness, dizziness, weight and appetite changes.

What dosage for this CBD wax?

There is no standard dosage for taking CBD wax, as each person has a unique body that reacts differently to CBD. If you want to try CBD, make sure you start with a small dose. Normally, this is more than enough to get satisfaction and relieve your pain.

If not, you can increase your dose slightly. If you are not sure, the ideal is to consult a doctor who will take into account your state of health to give you a suitable dosage.

In addition, the THC level in the wax CBD banana 66% being lower than 0.3%, its consumption is completely legal in France.

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