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CBD Wax Fruits des bois 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Berries 66% 1ML

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Wax CBD Berries is a Plant of life brand product designed with strict quality standards in mind. It has a high concentration of CBD, 66%. In other words, in 1g of this product, you will have 0.66g of CBD. Legal and non-psychoactive, this CBD product provides you with positive effects that will bring you exceptional pleasure and a real feeling of well-being.

What is Wax CBD Berries 66% 1ml?

Wax CBD Berries 66% is a CBD product made from hemp grown as healthily as possible without the use of chemicals. It is a 100% natural product, as it is obtained from the tops of cannabis plants.

Also, it is completely legal, because its THC level is lower than 0.3% as indicated by the French legislation. It is therefore neither a narcotic nor a psychoactive substance.

In addition, Wax CBD Berries 66% is among the best CBD products in terms of canabidiol content. Its high concentration in CBD gives it analgesic and calming properties. It is a very aromatic product that gets its pleasant aroma and exceptional flavor from the Berries cannabis variety.

How to consume CBD Berries 66% Wax 1ml

The consumption of Wax CBD Berries 66% can be done in different ways. To consume this product, you can proceed by vaping or use this CBD Wax as an ingredient in your favorite recipes.

Of course, these are not the only ways of consumption. You can also take this CBD product by injection or even by sublingual intake. Mixing it with e-lipids is also a possibility to fully enjoy the effects of this CBD Wax. You can also make an infusion with milk or mixing in a dish (food preparation).

Dosage of Wax CBD Berries 66% 1ml

In order to make the right dosage of Wax Berries 66%, it is important to take into account your sensitivity to cannabidiol. Thus, to avoid a health problem, it is advisable to start with the lowest dosage.

You can then increase the dosage until you find your satisfaction. To keep track of the dosage, a syringe is provided with the CBD product to check the proportions.

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