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CBD Wax Blue Cheese 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Blue Cheese 66% 1ML

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Wax CBD Blue Cheese 66% is one of the best products in cannabidiol extractions. It is a very concentrated product with an outstanding flavor. The Blue Cheese is of very good quality and is manufactured by respecting very rigorous standards of quality. It is a risk-free product that we will let you discover here.

Benefits of CBD Blue Cheese 66% 1ml

Blue Cheese CBD Wax is a natural compound with a CBD content of 66%. This means that in 1g of this product, you will have 0.66g of CBD. This is more than enough to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol.

Its soft texture soothes you and its Roquefort flavor allows you to be more relaxed. Moreover, the Wax CBD Cheese 66% is extracted naturally and comes from the heads of cannabis plants. This CBD Wax owes the sweetness of its aroma to the terpenes from the Amnesia Haze cannabis variety.

What are the effects of CBD Blue Cheese 66% ?

Wax Blue Cheese CBD Wax 66% 1ml is a proven product in the world of therapy, especially in combating restless leg syndrome. This product offers you total calm and relaxation.

It provides you with excellent mental balance and absolute well-being due to its therapeutic properties. Although it is not a medicine, it is an effective CBD product to fight against muscle tension and anxiety.

Moreover, its consumption is completely legal in France and in some countries of the European Union.

How to consume Blue Cheese CBD Wax 66%?

To consume the Blue Cheese 66% CBD wax and enjoy its benefits, the ideal is to start with the smallest dose using the syringe. However, if you are not satisfied with this dosage, you can then increase it by using the syringe again.

As far as the method of consumption is concerned, you have the choice between several methods. You can proceed by vaporization, by injection or by sublingual intake. You can also mix it with your favorite foods or infuse it with milk.

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