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CBD Wax Bubblegum 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Bubblegum 66% 1ML

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Are you a bubblegum lover and enjoy CBD? Wax CBD Bubblegum 66% 1 ml is a great way to combine business with pleasure. With its high concentration of CBD, it gives you all the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol. It also has a pleasant aroma that will please your taste buds. Let's discover this CBD product.

What are the benefits of CBD Bubblegum 66% Wax?

The main advantage of the CBD Bubblegum 66% Wax is its quality and purity. Being a product of the brand Plant of Life, this Wax has undergone many quality controls before its commercialization on the market. Moreover, its preparation was carried out in strict compliance with the standards in force with the use of organic hemp plant. It is therefore safe for the body. In addition, its CBD concentration is 66% compared to less than 0.3% for THC. It is an excellent CBD concentrate flavored with Bubblegum. This concentrate is consumed in various ways and is available in 1 ml syringe to simplify its use. This CBD Wax is also part of the CBD products that are authorized for consumption.

What are the effects of this Wax?

With a high concentration of CBD, Wax CBD Bubblegum 66% 1 ml provides the essential properties of CBD. It will be able to make your days less stressful and your nights more restful with the help of its soothing properties. Likewise, this Wax will help relieve your pains with its analgesic properties. However, in order to enjoy all its benefits, CBD Wax must be consumed properly. To this end, you have the choice of adding it to your meals or consuming it as an infusion in hot milk.

What is the proper dosage for Bubblegum 66% CBD Wax?

The classic recommendation is to take 0.5 mg of CBD per day per kg of body mass. This is not a universal rule, because everyone's body reacts differently to CBD. Before starting a CBD treatment, it is best to talk to your doctor. Otherwise, it's best to start with small daily doses, then gradually increase as needed. But in many cases, CBD works even in small doses.

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