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CBD Wax Chocoloco 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Chocoloco 66% 1ML

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The wax CBD Chocoloco is a pleasant mixture of caramel and chocolate which seduces by its soft and sweet flavours. It is the result of a scientific cross between the Haze chocolate and the Thai Sativa. Its high concentration of 66% CBD makes it a very popular CBD product.

Benefits of CBD Wax

Wax CBD is now the best variety with a CBD concentration of up to 90%. This high CBD content is due to its manufacturing technique, which extracts the CBD and terpene substances.

During the process, these are isolated from the THC molecule and other solvents that would have been used during the extraction. This results in a natural CBD product that is safe for the body.

Effects of CBD wax Chocoloco 66% 1 ml

The high concentration of CBD determines the intensity of the effects of any CBD variety. With a content of 66% CBD, the CBD wax Chocoloco makes you enjoy an almost instantaneous relaxing effect.

This can last for hours during which you will feel absolutely no fatigue. In addition, the CBD Chocoloco wax is known to improve concentration and relieve the mind of any emotional burdens.

Many consumers have also been seduced by its ability to fight anxiety and stress. On the other hand, if you suffer from excruciating or chronic pain (such as osteoarthritis, back pain, aches and pains...), the CBD Chocoloco wax will also be very helpful in relieving these symptoms.

How do I dose the CBD wax Chocoloco 66% 1 ml?

As CBD wax is not a medicine, it would be very difficult to recommend a single dose for certain categories of people. The effects of Chocoloco CBD wax vary depending on body mass and the severity of the ailment to be relieved.

If you have taken anti-depressants or painkillers in the meantime, this can also delay the effectiveness of the CBD Chocoloco wax. In general, it is advisable to start with a small dose. Little by little, with the feeling of its effects, you can determine your ideal dose.

Wax CBD: 100% legal!

In France, as in most European Union countries, the law only allows the consumption of CBD products with a THC content of 0.3% or less. This restriction is due to the fact that THC has psychoactive effects or high.

But rest assured, the CBD wax Chocoloco 66% is 100% legal. It is natural and has no side effects.

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