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CBD Wax Blueberry 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Blueberry 66% 1ML

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Plant Of Life

If you have a preference for the pure form of CBD, you should definitely try CBD wax. It's popular for its high CBD content and low THC concentration (less than 0.3%). With Blueberry CBD Wax 66% 1 ml, enjoy the delicious flavours of the blueberry, perfectly reproduced in its fruity concentrate.

How is CBD wax obtained?

The very high concentration of CBD in wax is explained by the way it is made. One of the different methods used is CO2 extraction. During this process, the plant material, including CBD and terpenes, is filtered to remove all unwanted components such as unwanted waxes, the THC molecule and solvents. The end result is a very crumbly CBD isolate that looks like sugar crystals.

How to consume Blueberry CBD wax?

You can use CBD crystals as a food supplement. Simply dissolve the CBD wax in food and drinks. To fix it better, consumers can combine CBD wax with fats (like butter and vegetable oil) or baked goods.

Also, it is possible to apply the CBD wax under the tongue. This is called the sublingual method. In this case, the crystals interact with the bloodstream to ensure almost instantaneous effects, which will give you a feeling of unparalleled enjoyment. The consumer can also use it as a topical balm.

How to dose the Wax CBD ?

It is advisable to start with a very small dose to gradually determine the dose that suits you. There is no single dosage for all consumers, as the effectiveness of CBD wax depends on several factors, including weight, health and metabolism of the individual.

Some experts recommend starting with 5-25 ml per day, taking care to space out the doses in order to have a continuous enjoyment. Nevertheless, we advise you to check the label of your product. It will most likely indicate the amount of CBD contained in the product and the recommended serving size.

Is CBD wax legal?

Yes, Blueberry CBD wax is 100% legal and natural. Its THC content is in accordance with the legal rate which is 0,3% at most. THC is actually the molecule in cannabis that is responsible for the psychoactive effects and addiction.

We guarantee that Blueberry CBD Wax 66% 1 ml complies with the law. You can therefore buy and consume it without fear.

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