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CBD Wax Gorilla Glue 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Gorilla Glue 66% 1ML

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Plant Of Life

CBD-based products are on the rise. Although this substance extracted from industrial hemp is not a medicine, its therapeutic properties have contributed to its success. Among these products, we find the CBD wax with Gorilla Glue flavor packaged in a 1 ml recyclable syringe. This CBD wax has excellent characteristics that are necessary to know.

What to know about this CBD wax?

Gorilla Glue 66% CBD Wax is a crystallized oil obtained by the CO2 method. This is a non-chemical method that keeps the finished product free of chemical residues. This CBD wax has a high cannabidiol content.

There is up to 660 mg of cannabidiol in 1 g of the product, which is 66% in terms of percentage. Furthermore, Gorilla Glue CBD Wax is made from cannabis grown without fertilizers and pesticides.

The best part is that this CBD wax is THC-free, which makes it legal to consume.

What are its effects?

The CBD Wax Gorilla Glue 66% has several virtues related to its properties. Indeed, this CBD wax helps to fight against stress, anxiety and depression. As cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, its consumption also helps to fight addiction to narcotics.

Because of these calming properties, this CBD wax helps relieve chronic pain. Moreover, you can consume it in case of vomiting or nausea. Moreover, this CBD wax is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It can therefore be consumed in case of inflammations.

How to consume it?

CBD wax is a wax with a high cannibidiol content. In syringe format of 1 ml, this crystallized oil can be consumed by vaporization using an appropriate grid or an e-cigarette. You can also mix it with a food (oil, milk, drink) or your culinary preparations.

To properly dose your CBD product and enjoy its many virtues, it is essential to make it liquid by heating it in a glass or ceramic container. However, the consumption of this CBD wax is forbidden to children and pregnant women. On the other hand, you should never smoke this CBD wax, because its smoke is toxic.

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