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CBD products are becoming more and more popular because of the benefits of cannabidiol. Indeed, these products have the same therapeutic virtues as the industrial hemp from which they were extracted. Among the varieties of CBD prized on the market, we find the Wax CBD Pineapple 66%. Discover the characteristics of this CBD product here!

What are the particularities of this CBD Wax?

Grapefruit flavored CBD wax has a high cannabidiol content. There are up to 0.66 g of cannabidiol in 1 g of this wax, a rate of 66%. This CBD wax is packaged in a 1 ml syringe, which makes it easy to dose.

Moreover, this CBD wax is extracted from a variety of hemp which is cultivated without using chemicals, which preserves you from the residues of pesticides.

Furthermore, this CBD wax is of better quality, as it has been manufactured in strict compliance with manufacturing standards. Although CBD wax contains the entire cannabinoid family, this wax has a low THC content. Its consumption will not produce any psychotropic effect.

How to consume it?

CBD wax can be consumed in several ways. On the one hand, you can consume it by vaporization with a CBD e-cigarette or dilute it in an infusion.

On the other hand, you can mix it with a fatty substance (vegetable oil, butter, milk) or with your favorite culinary preparations. These ways of consumption allow the optimal fixation of the CBD substance.

However, before taking this CBD product, it is recommended to make it liquid, because this CBD Wax is a crystallized oil, solid and crumbly. Hence the name "CBD crumble".

What effects?

Pineapple 66% CBD Wax is not a drug, but a dietary supplement that helps treat or relieve the symptoms of certain ailments. In fact, this CBD wax helps relieve chronic pain caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

It also has calming and soothing properties that help you fight anxiety, depression and stress. Some consumers point out that this CBD wax also helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Moreover, it is an excellent ally to stop smoking or to stop addiction to narcotics. However, smoking this CBD product is strongly discouraged due to the toxicity of its smoke.

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