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Huile de CBD 20% Full Spectrum Nerobi

CBD Oil 20% Full Spectrum Nerobi - 10ml

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Search yourself a high quality oil with an estimated 20% CBD content? Well, discover the one that Magna offers you! Indeed, it is the CBD oil 20% Full Spectrum of the brand Nerobi. It is made in France and is 100% natural guarantee and without pesticides.

How is CBD oil obtained?

Our CBD oil is a top-of-the-range product from European hemp farming. To obtain it, we proceed to its extraction, using different means that exist.

However, the safest and most scientifically controlled method of obtaining a Full Spectrum CBD oil is CO2 extraction. The latter, which appeared in the industry in the late 1970s, is an expensive method.

It also consists of heating carbon dioxide above its critical temperature, while raising the pressure above 74 bar. This produces a product that is between a liquid and a gaseous state.

The individual cannabinoid molecules are then isolated with great precision. This type of extraction creates a protective environment, with controlled temperatures throughout the process. Thus, the integrity of the cannabinoid molecules is fully preserved. The result is a CBD oil that is particularly pure and free of waste.

How can the oil be consumed?

CBD oil can be consumed by oral routeIt can also be consumed by swallowing the drops directly from the teat. It can also be consumed in taken under the tongue.

In this case, it acts more quickly when held under the tongue for one minute before being swallowed. Both of these methods of consumption allow you to benefit from the relaxing effects of the oil.

To this effect, CBD oil helps you calm stress and anxiety. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can give you relief from indigestion. CBD oil can also be applied to the skinIt can be used for maintenance care or as a body massage oil.

In addition, it is used in hair care, moisturizing dry and brittle hair to which it restores shine.

What is the appropriate dosage for the oil?

The 10 ml capacity of CBD oil represents approximately 200 drops. The number of drops that suits you will be defined according to your weight. Also, with a CBD content of 20%, the bottle contains a total amount of 2000 mg of CBD.

So one drop of the oil contains 10 mg of CBD. Also, rest assured, this is a legal product. Indeed, since 2019, CBD is authorized for therapeutic purposes in France. You can therefore order and consume our CBD oils with complete peace of mind and freedom, from your home.

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