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Huile de CBD 30% Broad Spectrum Chanvréo - 10ml

CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum Chanvreo - 10ml

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CBD oil 30% BROAD SPECTRUM CHANVREO, a powerful product

This CBD oil is highly concentrated at 30%, making it particularly effective and potent. It is therefore suitable for experienced users.

On the other hand, we do not recommend it to people new to CBD oil consumption: instead, turn to an oil of the same brand with a concentration of 5%, 10% or 15%. CBD oil 30% BROAD SPECTRUM CHANVREO is produced from natural hemp plants, and it is made in France. Thanks to its manufacturing process, specific to broad spectrum oils, it does not contain THC at all.

As a reminder, THC is the molecule with psychoactive effects that is considered a drug. The rest of the molecules in hemp work synergistically to offer an action called the "entourage effect." Its benefits on the human body and mind are therefore increased tenfold.

The benefits of CBD oil 30% BROAD SPECTRUM CHANVREO on the body and mind

As mentioned, BROAD SPECTRUM CHANVREO 30% CBD oil has a high concentration and so it should be used sparingly before you experience its effects on yourself. 

It has intense, tenfold effects, among them: Reduces severe muscle pain: this CBD oil is recommended for severe pain related to intense sports activity or poor movement, Prevent high anxiety: BROAD SPECTRUM CHANVREO 30% CBD Oil is ideal for people suffering from chronic anxiety or recurring stress.

It works quickly to provide lasting relief, Reduces temporary pain: CBD oil concentrated at 30% is recommended in case of a very strong headache or an intense migraine. It also relieves pain related to menstruation, and quickly reduces inflammation of the digestive system.


Chanvreo CBD Oilis consumed sublingually for quick and long-lasting effects. Simply place a few drops under the tongue and wait thirty seconds. Due to the concentration of this oil, we recommend waiting until the next consumption to increase the dosage.

Gradually, you will find the ideal amount to provide the necessary support to your body. You can also pour the drops into your tea, as long as you add a fat. Our advice: don't change the container oil so that it retains all its properties, and keep it out of sunlight. 

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