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Chanvreo massage oil 150 ml
Chanvreo massage oil 150 ml

Chanvreo massage oil 150 ml

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Why not treat yourself to a truly relaxing moment with Chanvreo massage oil. Cold pressed, you will quickly discover the virtues of hemp. It's a way to do good to your skin, while spending a special moment with your partner. You will quickly fall under the spell of this creamy texture and rich in omega 6. An essential ingredient to regain the elasticity of your skin. But Chanvreo massage oil is rich in broad-spectrum CBD, as each bottle contains about 500 mg.


Be assured, Chanvreo massage oil contains only natural ingredients. This is an essential fact in order to avoid disturbing the pH of your skin. Moreover, the massage oil is made from jojoba oil and almond oil. These are compounds known for their quality in protecting the epidermis.


After each use, systematically close the bottle to prevent the oil from losing its effectiveness. Indeed, it remains sensitive to humidity and therefore it is best not to expose it unnecessarily. If you can, place the Chanvreo massage oil in the refrigerator. Otherwise, place it in a closed cupboard. This way, your product will remain protected from ultraviolet radiation. Nevertheless, the active ingredients contained in Chanvreo massage oil will gradually fade. The components are sensitive to light and humidity, but even under good storage conditions, your oil cannot be kept for more than two years. When in doubt, always refer to the expiration date.

The benefits of Chanvreo massage oil

A CBD and hemp massage is still recommended to stimulate creativity and good mood. That's why many people take advantage of these virtues to experience optimal relaxation. At night, sit quietly in your bed and ask your partner to massage you. In this way, you could effectively fight against sleep disorders. Chanvreo massage oil is composed of fatty acids that are particularly beneficial to the body. Your skin will probably be firmer and it can be used on dry, tired or mature skin. The combination of the benefits of CBD with hemp oil allows you to quickly feel the many virtues on the skin and on the overall relaxation of the body.

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