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Huile de CBD 5% Hydrosoluble Chanvréo - 10ml

CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvreo - 10ml

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What is water-soluble CBD oil

So-called "conventional" CBD oil can be melted under the tongue or diluted with a fatty substance to be better assimilated.  This is why water soluble CBD oil was created, because as the name suggests it can be diluted with water.

This makes it easier to use because it can be consumed in a glass of water or any drink that contains water. To make this possible micelles have been added into the composition of the CBD oil to give it hydrophilic properties.

Why choose CBD Oil 5% water soluble.

CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble has the advantage of being over 90% bioavailable, which means that 90% of the product is assimilated by the body through the bloodstream. That's on average four times more than "conventional" CBD oils.

So, for the same concentration of CBD, the water-soluble oil will actually have more effects than a hydrophobic oil. The effect is also faster, which is ideal if you are experiencing a stressful situation that needs to be resolved quickly. So you'll need fewer drops of this CBD oil to feel equivalent effects with your regular oil. 

Finally, this Chanvréo 5% water soluble CBD oil isnatural and made in the European Union. It does not contain THC and therefore complies with the European legislations around CBD.  Good to know: we do not recommend using CBD 5% water-soluble oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Benefits of CBD oil 5% water soluble

How quickly it works in the body makes this oil very effective in fighting pain. So we recommend it in case of migraines, headaches, or stomach aches.

It is a very effective product on pain related to inflammation of the digestive system. For women who suffer during their period, this 5% water-soluble CBD oil is ideal for quick relief. Consumed after physical exertion, CBD 5% water-soluble oil helps to relax muscles and relax the entire body. 

Finally, CBD 5% water-soluble oil is very effective in fighting stress and anxiety and can soothe you after a hard day. You can also consume it at night before bedtime if you are experiencing sleep disturbances.  For maximum effect, dilute this oil in your drink by mixing well. 

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