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CBD VS THC: all the differences to know

In France, THC and CBD are often confused, and for good reason, these two flowers come from the same plant, hemp and have the same appearance. Out if these products are similar in appearance, the effects on the body and the psyche of consumers are different.

The consumption of CBD is increasingly favored, and not only in the medical environment. It comes in the form of flower, resin, capsule or even essential oil. Discover the use of these two varieties and the benefits of CBD.

THC: recreational cannabis

THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol by its scientific name) is a cannabinoid from the hemp plant. Its active substance is known for its psychotropic effects. The consumers use this product, most of the time, in a recreational way. They are then stoned and have the feeling of "high".

It is considered a soft drug but it is necessary not to underestimate the risks that it represents for the body and mental health. It can cause anxiety attacks or generate paranoia. Addiction is possible. Its use is regulated, only controlled use in the medical setting is allowed.

CBD: the hemp well-being

The CBD (or cannabidiol) is him legal not being a drug. It is not used in the same way as THC, with consumers seeking to take advantage of the many therapeutic benefits it offers. Unlike THC, this other cannabis molecule does not give the impression of being high and not in its normal state. It provides a mild sedative effect and soothes the nervous system.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD has no adverse health effects and has many interesting virtues. It would relieve some symptoms of diseases. If the research on it is just beginning, it has already been given for years analgesic properties, it reduces the disorders related to anxiety or depression. With a high concentration, it would even slow down cancer by slowing down the multiplication of cancerous cells.

Chemical structure of THC and CBD

Cannabis is composed of hundreds of molecules including THC and CBD. These two varieties from the hemp plant, tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, are cannabinoids. They act on the cannabinoid receptors of the human body. While at first glance it is easy to confuse these products, their composition varies slightly and is enough to have very distinct consequences on the body.

CBD chemical structure

As mentioned earlier cannabidiol or CBD is a molecule of cannabis, the hemp flower. In common with THC, its molar mass and its chemical formula: they do not marry easily with water but they dissolve easily in fatty materials like oil. It is their molecular structure that varies. The CBD molecule does not cause any psychotropic effects and no dependence.

Chemical structure of THC

THC has the same chemical formula and exactly the same molar mass as CBD. Moreover, CBD can become THC when very specific conditions are met. As explained previously, what differentiates the two cannabinoids is the molecular structure which varies slightly. The THC molecule (or Delta-9 TetraHydroCannabinol) causes psychotropic and addictive effects.

What are the effects of THC and CBD?

What are the effects of THC and CBD?

The THC and CBD do not provide the same effects to consumers. The first is toxic to the human body and gives a feeling of high, being stoned. In the short term, this substance can cause confusion, a state of fatigue and lack of alertness. The consumer enters a euphoria, a feeling of relaxation can be felt. The body's senses are stimulated. If for some the experience is pleasant, others feel bad, are taken by anxiety, paranoia see panic (often named "Bad trip").

The THC can also have repercussions on the body: drop in blood pressure that can go as far as malaise, accelerated heart rate, damaged vessels. In the long term, we are talking about daily consumption over weeks or months, THC is harmful to concentration, memory or even negatively impacts intelligence. The regular consumer is slower in his thinking and gestures. Although it is a so-called "soft" drug, it is essential to keep in mind the dangers it represents. The CBD as for him, also provides a feeling of relaxation and has no psychotropic effect.

It therefore does not distort reality. In the form of oil, capsule or to smoke, its virtues are numerous and it represents no danger.For example it reduces anxiety and calms epileptic seizures. Also during inflammation, it calms the pain. On the other hand, even if it remains rare, a level of CBD too high can cause hypotension and sometimes diarrhea. Follow the recommended doses.

In the long term, the CBD would reduce the multiplication of cancer cells. The immune system could be strengthened in some people. If the studies are still few to certify these results, testimonials come to confirm the excellent properties of cannabidiol. Even more incredible, it would have the ability to develop our neural activity.

Legal CBD and illegal THC

We now know the effects of these two varieties. What do the laws say about the use of these flowers? The classic cannabis, containing a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol is illegal almost everywhere in the world. Indeed, modifying the state of consciousness and being toxic to the body, it is classified as a narcotic. In France, it has been banned since 1970. For its use, the reduced fine is provided for 150 euros (Article L3421-14 of the Public Health Code). Only its controlled use in a medical context is allowed.

The CBD him, is legal in France if it meets the following condition: the rate of THC in the hemp plant must in no case exceed 0.3% for the products sold are in order. Beware, smoking CBD is allowed in public places but some exceptions exist in the law for "sensitive" places such as health facilities or establishments catering to children.

Is it possible to confuse CBD and THC?

When one is unfamiliar with these cannabinoids, it is indeed possible to mistake CBD and THC when seeing and smelling hemp flowers. CBD resin sometimes takes on a purplish color, but it is still difficult to easily distinguish it from THC. The purchase in a specialized store is recommended to avoid any confusion and be able to be informed about the product.

Is CBD detectable with a salivary drug test?

To detect possible drug use, the gendarmerie uses salivary tests, especially for cannabis. It is mandatory in road accidents where there are injuries or even deaths. The result appears in a few minutes only and is reliable. Be aware that CBD is not detectable with these tests even when it contains a tiny trace of THC. So you can't be arrested by confusion between THC and CBD if you've only consumed the latter. Convinced by CBD and its many benefits? Buy CBD now!

All the information on our website is intended to help you understand our products. It does not constitute medical advice and is certainly not a substitute for specialist medical advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist before consuming any cbd product.
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