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Our handpicked selection of CBD flowers brings you a wide range of relaxation and pain relief solutions. Discover our original compilation of powerful and cheap cbd flowers, which will give you access to new sensations of relaxation.

CBD oil

Our range of CBD oils makes it possible for all budgets to discover the benefits of legal cannabis. Try taking cannabidiol by the drop and control your dosage to optimize your pain management or relaxation. For you or your little 4-legged friend!

CBD E-liquids

Discover our electronic cigarettes as well as our complete range of CBD e-liquids. You can try legal cannabis directly with your favorite vaporizer, and test an indecent amount of flavors more original than the others.

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Your high-end CBD shop

You are free to choose Magna CBD, the shop that offers the best quality products on the market. All our varieties are controlled on the level of the sought effects as well as in terms of respect of the law in France and Europe. The plant from which our products come from has a THC level lower than 0.2%, and the finished product that we deliver to you in 2/3 working days has a zero THC level. Our flowers come from hemp plants grown in a natural way, without harmful substances for the environment. All quality parameters must be met before the product is offered on our shop.

Your legal cannabis E-Shop

Is CBD legal in France?

Since 2019, CBD is authorized for therapeutic purposes in France. You can therefore order and consume your favorite CBD products in complete peace and freedom in France, from your home. However, we advise you not to transport it by your own means on the French territory, because in doubt any agent will be able to seize it from you, not knowing if it is legal or illegal cannabis.

How does the delivery and payment work?

We put all our resources in order for you to receive your package within 48 hours MAX. The package is delivered by Colissimo, with a tracking number, in a tight and discreet packaging. Payment is made by credit card through our 100% secure online payment partner.

Which mode of consumption to privilege for the CBD?

We are the specialists of the CBD flower and we can only advise them for their numerous virtues. However they are not suitable for all consumers. You can inhale them, vaporize them or infuse them, however we do not recommend smoking them because the danger to health is consequent, especially because of the harmful compounds of the smoke. You can also opt for CBD oil under the tongue, CBD capsules for a better dosage, CBD e-liquids to work with your electronic cigarette, CBD resin or CBD Wax.

How to choose the right dosage for each mode of consumption?

First of all we remind you that Magna CBD, although experienced as a supplier of CBD, is not a medical specialist. We can only advise you to consult your doctor or a specialist in order to obtain the right doses for your purpose. Generally our product sheets address this issue to help you define the ideal amount that your body can handle.