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What are the benefits of CBD ?

CBD, which is short for CannaBiDiol, is an active substance, like THC, found in hemp (which is the same species as cannabis), and specifically in its flower and leaves.
Today, and although cannabis is prohibited as well as the consumption of THC, the consumption of cannabidiol, on the other hand, has become perfectly legal in France, whether it is obtained in the form of various products such as oil, infusions, or in the form of drops, etc.Contrary to THC, CBD is devoid of psychotropic effects and does not cause addictions. On the contrary, cannabidiol, derived from hemp, has many benefits and virtuous properties on the health.

Consuming CBD therefore has no relation to consuming cannabis, as its active ingredients have no harmful effects on health, quite the contrary!
Sleep, stress, pain, skin problems, and many other disorders still on which the CBD can have a real action, like a treatment, as some studies in the field of health demonstrate today.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD makes you feel less stressed and anxious

Naturally, CBD has anxiety-reducing effects. It is even known for these benefits and its virtues against stress. Thus, taking cannabidiol helps in relaxation, relaxation and management of anxiety and stress, even chronic ones.
Thus, it is perfectly suited for people suffering from recurrent anguishments. I can also be taken as a treatment for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Finally, and in addition to its well-known properties on stress, the consumption of CBD-containing products can be quite useful in obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic disorder.

Improves sleep onset

Helping to combat stress, and having relaxing and calming properties, cannabidiol is conferred as a natural somniferous, thus helping to combat sleep disorders. It helps in falling asleep and, by this fact, preserves us from consuming drugs such as sleeping pills that are stronger.

In addition, CBD clearly helps to improve the quality of sleep and helps to avoid nighttime awakenings (some of which are caused by stress); thus, the body is more rested, and the health better.

Fighting pain

In recent years, many people have been consuming products like CBD that are derived from hemp for their effects and benefits in fighting pain. Here are some examples.
CBD acts on inflammatory pain and thus helps with relaxation.
In the gynaecological sphere, taking cannabidiol based products allows, according to some health studies, to calm painful periods and help the management of pain that is a consequence of disorders like endometriosis.
By acting on the nervous system, CBD helps to reduce neuropathic pain, and in particular the pain that comes from fibromyalgia.

Finally, regarding the back and joints, taking cannabidiol oil, which comes from hemp, proves to be an effective treatment for the pain that nestles there. As an example, it may be recommended to take CBD oil under the tongue in neck pain or arthritis. This oil may also be recommended for pain related to the nervous system.

Increases concentration and memory effects

By interacting closely with the system that regulates memory (endocannabinoid system), CBD exhibits memory and attentional properties.
In fact, one study showed that ingesting 60 mg of CBD resulted in increased blood flow to our hippocampus, the region of the brain that manages memory.

On the concentration side, taking cannabidiol oil under the tongue improves attentional abilities.
We note, finally, that concentration and memory abilities are directly influenced by sleep and stress. Earlier, we mentioned the many properties of CBD in the treatment of the latter.

Facilitates good mood

Facilitates good mood

Far from the well-known effects of THC from cannabis, which suffers from a reputation as a "softener", CBD, on the contrary, acts as an energy booster and good mood. Acting directly on the serotonin receptors (the pleasure hormone), it amplifies vitality, motivation and helps to chase away stress and negativity. It has a true euphoric effect.

Limits addiction phenomena

Contrary to the well-known addictive effects of THC from cannabis, CBD-based products are as for them harmless from this point of view there. Indeed, THC acts on the reward and motivation circuit, and, as such, has a strong addictive potential since it increases the concentration of dopamine. The CBD, on the other hand, does not act on these circuits and therefore cannot make one addicted.

Moreover, the CBD allows to limit the addiction phenomena. In fact, it helps to limit certain withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, hyperthermia, vomiting, tremors, hallucinations, etc. It also helps reduce the urge to use addictive substances. Some scientific studies highlight the influence of the consumption of CBD products on the reduction of addictions, including, alcohol.

Reduces skin problems

CBD is often recommended in the treatment of certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema. Cannabidiol also helps treat acne problems by having regulatory activity on the glands that produce sebum. Finally, CBD can be applied to the skin topically and helps moisturize it, among other things.

Decreases epileptic seizures

CBD can sometimes be used in the context of epileptic seizures, as it helps to reduce their frequency and intensity. Indeed, CBD helps regulate neuronal overactivity and is said to have neuroprotective properties.

Zenifies the body and mind

As we have seen above, through its antalgic action, and its benefits against stress and anxiety, CBD has a real tenifying power on the body and mind. Its ability to regulate sleep is also a factor. In fact, getting a good night's sleep is paramount to feeling good. The hemp is then a truly "zenifying" plant, as evidenced by the cannabidiol.

Spices up the sex life

Bringing strength and energy, cannabidiol offers many benefits in the sexual sphere, including reducing erectile dysfunction as it promotes blood flow to the genitals. In addition, by reducing stress, it facilitates letting go and increases perception of one's body and sensations.
It also helps increase libido.

Should you take CBD at night or during the day instead?

Cannabidiol can be taken at any time of the day. There are no specific recommendations for this. Instead, each person may be different and may have a preferred time to take it. Indeed, the time between taking it and the desired effects may be different depending on the individual.

Thus, it is advisable to adapt the time of its intake according to this. In addition, the most opportune time of day to take it may depend on the effects sought. For example, someone who has difficulty sleeping will take their product in the evening instead.

Studies on the benefits of CBD

The National Assembly has considered the case of cannabis and CBD and calls for a distinction between recreational and therapeutic uses. Indeed, according to them, cannabidiol is not intended to treat or cure, but rather to foster well-being. Nor is it a prevention tool.

Indeed, the National Assembly makes a real distinction between "therapeutic cannabis" which, in turn, falls under medical prescription, and "hemp wellness" which concerns the use of cannabidiol. The National Assembly recognizes that these products are not psychotropic drugs, and are products with mostly soothing virtues.

At the end, benefits of CBD: reality or fiction?

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has demonstrated that cannabidiol is not dangerous, studies conducted by Cannabis Health show that the therapeutic effects of this substance still remain, in general, limited. Santé Cannabis calls for caution in the face of hype about therapeutic effects, pending more comprehensive and in-depth studies.

Issued from hemp, cannabidiol is a substance that is appealing to more and more individuals, particularly to combat anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, certain skin conditions and pain. In addition, it helps to pacify the body and mind, improve mood and motivation. It is also known to "boost" memory and attention capacities. Finally, and among other things, by its action on the libido, it stimulates the sex life.

All the information on our website is intended to help you understand our products. It does not constitute medical advice and is certainly not a substitute for specialist medical advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist before consuming any cbd product.
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