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History and manufacture of hashish

Since time immemorial, resin has attracted the interest of consumers looking for strong and authentic sensations. It is known for its intense perfume and its very pronounced taste which does not leave indifferent. Present in Arab cultures for several thousand years, hashish is used for therapeutic and sometimes spiritual purposes. For a long time, many legends circulated about it and maintained the mystery around its manufacture. But today, we know exactly how to make hashish, following traditional or the most modern methods.

Shit, also hashish or hash, is a potent cannabis concentrate made from an extraction of trichomes. Presented as a resinous block, it can be soft and sticky or dry and crumbly. And for good reason, its aspect varies according to its method of manufacture. The good news is that its manufacturing process is relatively simple and accessible to all.

Over the years, techniques have improved and innovative machines to make the job easier have emerged. In this article, we invite you to discover the different methods of making shit and, if you feel like it, you can reproduce these methods at home.

Shit or hashish, what is it ?

Shit or hashish is a resin derived from a transformation process of the cannabis plant. Due to its high concentration of trichomes, it is one of the most popular but also the most potent hemp products. Indeed, pot is composed of cannabis trichomes, the fine growths that give the flowering tops their shiny appearance.

These trichomes are resinous secretions that develop naturally to protect the plant from external aggressors such as pests and pathogens. For some varieties of cannabis, especially the most famous ones, the resin is rich in CBD (cannabidiol) and aromatic terpenes. This is what makes all the charm and character of hashish.

The varieties of hemp authorized for cultivation in Europe are rich in CBD but devoid of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the molecule responsible for the psychoactive and addictive effects of hemp, while CBD is the molecule responsible for its relaxing, anti-stress and anti-pain effects. It is now possible to obtain CBD pot in order to benefit from the multiple therapeutic virtues of hemp, without the harmful effects of THC. From good CBD flowers, it is even possible to make your own CBD pot.

What parts of the plant are used to make pot ?

What parts of the plant are used to make pot?

To make pot, it is possible to use all parts of the plant. Even the male plants can be used whereas they are often set aside and discarded to avoid pollination. The leaves and the dried resinous flowers are carefully selected to optimize the quality of the final result. The brighter they are, the better the quality. While growers can use the whole plant (flowers, leaves and plant debris), you'll have to settle for the dried flower heads to do your experiment at home. That said, the dried flowers are more than enough to get a premium shit with authentic taste and high CBD concentration.

What are the different methods of making pot ?

There are several methods for making pot:

  • the dry sifting;
  • the kief;
  • the charas;
  • the dry ice;
  • the mechanical drum;
  • the hand rolling;

Note that there is no right or wrong method. They are simply different methods that achieve specific results to suit individual tastes and colors.

The dry sifting method

The dry sifting method involves separating the trichomes from the plant using a sieve with appropriate mesh. This method is inspired by the traditional Moroccan technique where a bowl covered with a fine cloth is used to deposit the dried and crumbled flowers. We cover them with a plastic to close the whole. Then, you just have to beat the upper part with chopsticks so that the flowers release the trichomes and they fall into the bowl. Alternatively, you can simply use a sieve, shake it and collect the powder underneath the sieve.

The final step is to harvest the powder and compress it to obtain shit. Simple and effective, this method allows to obtain a very good quality resin in a very short time. For the trichomes to come off easily, it is advisable to put the cannabis buds for a few hours in the refrigerator or freezer.

The kief

The kief is not a method per se. It is actually the pollen that looks like a yellowish powder in the bottom of your grinder. This powder can be used to make hashish. To turn the kief into hash, simply harvest the kief and compress it with a pollen press. Exert a strong enough pressure and you will obtain high quality hash. Note that this is one of the only methods that can produce such a compact resin.

If you don't have a pollen press available, you can roll the kief in baking paper and press it firmly with your fingers. Guaranteed result!

The charas

Charas is a sub-category of hashish obtained through the hand-rolling process. The only difference is that you'll need the freshly harvested, undried flowers and leaves. This process allows to obtain a very sticky resin. Originating in the Himalayas of India, this is one of the oldest and most famous methods.

Dry ice

This method involves making shit with dry ice. To do this, you need a large container, ice, gloves and bubble bags. Bubble bags are bags with varying sizes of mesh.

First, put the cannabis flowers in the container filled with dry ice. Mix for a few minutes, place the mixture in the bag and shake it. The result obtained is a resinous powder that has an exceptional purity.

The bubble hash

This method can be done using a variety of media: a bubbleator, a blender or even a bucket and drill with a concrete mixer. Regardless of the equipment chosen, the concept remains the same. It is to use the force of water and the cold of ice to separate the trichomes of the plant. The cold has the effect of contracting the trichomes, which helps them to detach more easily. The force of the current caused by the water eventually loosens them without difficulty.

Let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes, until the trichomes fall to the bottom of the jar. Then empty part of the jar, add ice, and let sit for another 5 minutes. Repeat this process several times. Then, simply filter and dry the material obtained in the open air and away from light. Be patient and you will get the best result.

The mechanical drum

The mechanical drum fulfills the same requirements as the dry sieve, but this time in an even simpler version. As the name implies, the mechanical drum works for you and guarantees effortless, professional sieving. Place your cannabis heads inside the mechanical drum, turn it on, and let it do its job. The drum will spin on its own and agitate the buds to release the trichomes and drop them through the thin screens of the drum.

Finally, harvest the powder and compress it with a pollen press. With this method, you will get a high quality shit. Admittedly, it is also a bigger investment, but it pays off very quickly if you want to make a large amount of resin.

Hand rolling

How can we talk about making pot without mentioning its traditional process, hand rolling? This method is by far the easiest to do because it requires no equipment. To make pot by hand, you just rub the cannabis buds between your hands. When the resin sticks to your hands, it only remains to roll it in the shape of ball in order to obtain shit. When you get this resin on your hands unintentionally, when harvesting or handling the buds, it's called "finger-schich."

Of course, the result will not be up to the standard of the methods mentioned above because your hands will contain dust, sweat and grease residue. Even if your hands are clean and dry to perform this operation, it is not the best. It's just the most basic and the most fun. Especially since you've probably done it before without realizing it.

So which method will you choose to make your shit at home?

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