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E-Liquid CBD Anmesai - 10ml
Liquide cigarette electronique Amnesai Greeneo
E-Liquid CBD Anmesai - 10ml

E-Liquid CBD Anmesai - 10ml

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All types of e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Available in 3 strengths 100mg | 300mg | 500mg

The An e-liquidmesai availablein 10 ml is a new product from the Greeneo brand designed to enhance the consumer's enjoyment and wellness experience. This product compatible with any type of e cigarette is best known for its very realistic and mostly original flavors.

The benefits of Anmesai CBD e liquid

Particularly popular with consumers for its smoothness anduniquely hemp-like flavor, the e liquid Anmesai is primarily composed of terpenes.

In order to reconstituteall of the plant's natural originality, Anmesia e liquid has also been given severalothers cannabinoids to provide sensationeven further to consumers. And this totally without THC. The product is available in threedifferent concentrations of CBD, for different vaper profiles.

(500 mg, 300 mg and 100 mg), stored usuallyin 10m glasswarel. The e liquid Anmesai also features a child-safe system with a PG/VG ration of 60/40.

How to use CBD e liquid Anmesai ?

The e liquid Anmesai is very easy to use. In fact, it is consumed in the same way as an e liquid classicwiththe aid of an e cigarette. Just fill the tank using the glass pipette, or pour a few drops into the dripper. However, it is when even recommended to respectthe dosageprescribedaccording to use.

Note that due to the risk of somnolence, Liquid esshould be consumedswith caution. It is not advisable to take it, for example, before driving.

What dosage to apply ?

It is important to note that the dosage dependof the consumerand the material used. Indeed, the more an e cigarette vaporizes e liquid and produces vapor, the more its dosage must be keptlow.

To achieve desired relaxation effects with low dosage lower than 150mg for 10 ml, vapourizein small mannersonlys and in the duration. With a dosage between 150 and 300 mg, you must privilegeier more spacedgrip and progressives.

The effects here are a bit more pronounced. With respect to concernshigher dosagesswhich are highers to 500 mg, it is recommendedto diluteer e liquid in a neutral base and nicotine-free. By other places, remember that the CBD e liquid is authorized in France. It can therefore be consumed in tall legal and swithin concern.

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