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Discover CBD e-liquids to consume cannabidiol directly with your favorite electronic cigarette. Our assortment of e-liquids is compatible with 100% of the e-cig available on the market. And if you don't have an e-cigarette, try the Plant of Life one we offer with the Juul CBD cartridges. With this way of consuming CBD you can taste dozens of flavors and determine your favorite kind.

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What does a CBD e-liquid for electronic cigarette?

You probably know the traditional e-liquids. They are made from a neutral baseand flavors and a booster. This composition is similar to that of CBD e-liquids. But here, we will use a CBD booster instead of a nicotine booster. In a CBD e-liquid e-liquid, there are pure CBD crystals. This guarantees the absence of THC which is considered a psychotropic responsible for addiction.

The basis of the e-liquid CBD e-liquid is made of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (VG). It promotes a perfect compatibility with the electronic cigarette. You will also appreciate the different flavors of tobacco, red fruit, butterscotchbutterscotch, strawberry strawberry, vanilla, lime or with ice-cold mint. There are also liquids with terpenes very appreciated for their gourmet pleasures. This adds to the liquid a very particular and a very particular taste.

What is the interest of using CBD in inhalation?

CBD is used in inhalation for its bioavailability. When inhaling CBD, we observe a very good absorption of the molecule by the body. This is the main advantage of e-liquids with CBD. As such, the liquid for electronic cigarette CBD is a real substitute to the CBD combustion which is very harmful. Pulmonologists have even revealed that smoking cannabis would have carcinogenic effects. Studies have also shown that when a vaper or a vaping machine inhales CBDthis vaping gradually leads him to a smoking or nicotine withdrawal. Even more, the CBD inhaled allows a faster transmission of sensory signals to the brain. The effects of CBD are therefore felt more quickly.

How to vaper a CBD e-liquid?

CBD sometimes causes an unpleasant sensation when the power of the electronic cigarette is very high. That is why the e-liquid is equipped with a variable voltage. For vaper an e-liquid CBDe-liquid, simply fill the tank of the electronic cigarette and activate the ignition button. Then the battery (rechargeable with a USB charger) will heat the resistor located in the clearomizer. The resistance will soak up the e-liquid, which will cause the vaporization. In addition, since CBD e-liquid is relatively expensive, it is preferable to buy electronic cigarettes that do not vaporize simultaneously a large amount of CBD. As an example of economical e-cigarettes, you have :

For a great vaping experience vaping experience experience, we also advise you to bet on the quality of the clearomizer. You will find all this equipment in the electronic cigarette shops.

What clearomizer to choose for my CBD E-cigarette?

The clearomizer contains the atomizer and the transparent tank for the e-liquid. It therefore allows to heat the liquid and produce steam. Among the popular models on the market, there are :

  • The clearomizer with indirect draw or inhalation (mtl): MTL (Mouth To Lunge) means "from the mouth to the lungs". The path of the liquid is therefore indirect. This option is suitable for beginners.
  • The clearomizer to draw or direct inhalation (dl): DL (Direct to Lunge) means "directly to the lungs". It is suitable for professionals of the vape with its impressive rendering of steam. The clearomizer sub ohm clearomizer is perfectly suited for this purpose.

In addition, consume e-liquids with CBD e-liquids requires moderation and therefore it is important to take certain precautions. In this regard, the safety of children requires to keep e-liquids out of their reach. Similarly, for the reduction of health risks health risks, the ideal is not to vapoter in public places. Also, vaping is not really advised for a pregnant woman or breastfeeding. However, it should be noted that European legislation does not prohibit the smoking CBD e-liquids e-liquids as long as the THC content of the original hemp plant is below 0.2%.

What dosage to choose for his CBD e-liquid?

In reality, there is not a dosage for everyone. Thus, for a repeated use during the day with a light effectwe recommend a less than 10 mg/ml. If you are looking for a strong effect with more or less spaced intakes, the ideal is to dose CBD around 30 mg/ml. However, if you have recourse to the vape occasionally, a dosage of 50 mg / ml about will suit you better.

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