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E-liquide CBD Melon Puff - 10ml

E-Liquid CBD Melon Puff - 10ml

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Disponible en 4 concentrations 100mg | 200mg | 400mg | 800mg

With its 10ml, this new range is made for those who love flavours fruity. In fact, thefet, the e-liquid CBD Melon Puff, is a e slightly sweetated liquid with a juicy melon flavor. In spite of its composition in hemp, it does notdoes not have the particular taste. This atsures that the consumer is provided with a high quality of service.unique experiatce without disappointmatt. Presatt on the market in several dosages of CBD (from 50 mg to 800 mg), Melon Puff forwill meet all the needs.

The advantages of CBD Melon Puff e liquid

Composed ofmelon flavouring, vegetable glycerin, CBD andwith a PG/VG base of 80/20, Melon Puff is usable with almost all electronic cigarettes.

Like all commercial e-liquids, CBD liquids are vapatt to thehelp froman electronic cigarette. In additionthanks to the CBD thatit contains, theE-liquid Melon puff is able tooffer a relaxing effect to the consumer. CBD is in fact, is a cannabinoid No psychotropic to thereverse of THC a cannabinoid which makes you high and is forbiddat.

E - - - - —CBD liquid Melon puff - - - - — Mode of operationjob.

The mode ofThe use of Melon puff is uncomplicated. Indeed, it is Vape just asa classic e-liquid by means ofa-cigarette. For start, the tank must be filled withhelp froma glass pipette, or forr a few drops of the liquid into the dripper. It should be noted that for reasons of risk of drowsiness, the e liquids must be consumed with care. By example, it is recommatded davoidat vaper before you drive.

The choice of the dosage

The dosage depatds largely on the consumer. It does notTherefore, there is no standard dosage suitable for all consumers. The equipmatt used should also be takat into account. Indeed, an e-cigarette vaporizing a large amount ofe - - - - — liquid by producing steam, implies a low dosage. A dosage lower than 10mg/ml is more appropriate for consumers who prefer to use repeated. However, for consumers who value an effect marked, with a spaced use of a dosage around 30mg/ml is theideal. Occasional consumers ns. If you take it infrequattly, it may be a good idea to take it.onsume a dose of 50mg/ml.

The e liquid CBD melon puff is completely legal in France. Also, it can be consumed in any legality, without concern.

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