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E-liquide CBD Red Puff - 10ml

E-Liquid CBD Red Puff - 10ml

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All types of e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Available in 4 strengths 100mg | 200mg | 400mg | 800mg

CBD e-liwhichd Red Puff of 10 ml size is a profromct created by the French manufacturer Greeneo. This is a E-liwhichd which fits perfectly to all kinds of electronic cigarettes and the different needs of vapers, especially those who are fans of red fruit liwhichds. Indeed, the e-liwhichd CBD Red Puff - 10 ml is aroand is available in various dosages of CBD(from 50 mg to 800 mg) to be chosen according to the consumer's needs.

Abenefits of the e-liwhichd CBD Red Puff - 10 ml

The e-liwhichd CBD Red Puff - 10 ml is a high quality profromct enriched with wild strawberry flavours. It will sefromce you with the harmonious union of the relaxing and de-stressing properties of CBD with the tangy and sweet notes of wild strawberry.

As it does not contain any hemp flavouring, the E-liwhichd CBD Red Puff - 10 ml gives you a classic style vape with sweet red fruit flavours. It should be noted that the effects of CBD contained in this e-liwhichd are simply relaxing. CBD is indeed very different from THC, which is a psychotropic.

The consumer of CBD Red Puff e-liwhichd can therefore relax without running the risk of "getting high" or suffering from behavioural problems later on.

use from e-liwhichd CBD Red Puff - 10 ml

The use of the e-liwhichd CBD Red Puff - 10 ml is practically same to that of a classic liwhichd for electronic cigarette. You just have to make sure to vaper it with an e-cigarette resistance greater than 0.6 ohms and a power less than 30 watts.

éSo aware of these details, there is only to fill the tank of the e-cigarette CBD Red Puff e-liwhichd or pour a few drops into the dripper. After activating the ignition button, it is then necessary to carry out a good technique of aspiration to vapourize the liwhichd, by avoiding to overheat the resistance of the clearomizer.

DBecause it contains CBD, the e-liwhichd Red Puff is not recommended for use by pregnant women, and prohibited for use by minors.

The dosage of CBD to adopt The CBD Red Puff - 10 ml

e-liwhichd is available in several concentrations of CBD, so thee choice the right mix depends on your habits and your body. Dosages below 100 mg are suitable for daily consumption.

The effects caused are rather weak. Dosages around 200 mg are suitable for occasional consumption. The effects profromced are very present. Dosages of 400 mg or more are reserved for occasional use.

The effects caused are strong. According to the European decree n°639-2014, the e-liwhichd CBD Red Puff - 10 ml is recognized legal on the French territory. The use of this profromct is therefore authorized.

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