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E-liquide CBD Sour Diesel - 10ml

E-Liquid CBD Sour Diesel - 10ml

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All types of e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Available in 4 strengths 100mg | 200mg | 400mg | 800mg

The e-liquid CBD DIESEL SOUR is a product of the French brand Greeneo. Available in 10ml, it is a high-end product, containing CBD (cannabidiol). The e-liquid CBD DIESEL SOUR is arohemp and is compatible with all types of cigarettess electronicss. It is available on the market in 4 different concentrations of CBD: 100ml; 200ml; 400mg and 800mg.

What are theBenefits of CBD e-liquid DIESEL SOUR - - — 10ml

Designed with natural terpeness, le-liquid CBD DIESEL SOUR is distinguished by its inimitable exotic taste which will offer you the pleasure of travelling without moving.

The e-liquid CBD DIESEL SOUR is also a product containing CBD, which is known and appreciated for its de-stressing and relaxing virtues.

The CBD contained in the e-liquids of the brand Greeneo, including CBD DIESEL SOUR, is free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The e-liquid CBD DIESEL SOUR allows toonc to relax, but does not present any danger to the psychological health of the user.

How to use the CBD e-liquid DIESEL SOUR - - — 10ml?

The mode of use of e-liquid CBD DIESEL SOUR - - — 10ml is virtually the same as that of any other conventional liquid for electronic cigarette.

This one consists in filling the tank of the electronic cigarette with The e-liquid or to pay for it a few drops in the dripper of the cigarette. However, DIESEL SOUR CBD e-liquid contains CBD, unlike conventional e-liquids. You should therefore ensure that the e-cigarette has a resistance greater than 0.6 ohm.

Then, it is enough to adopt a good technique of aspiration, so that to vapourize the e-liquid at less than 30 watts. With regard to the choice of dosage

The choice of the dosage of e-liquid CBD DIESEL SOUR - - — 10ml

depends mainly on your habits and needs.A light dosage (less than 100mg) is the ideal choice to be able to vapoter over long periods throughout the day, because the effects caused in this case are discrete. An intermediary dosagediary (200mg approximately) is recommended for occasional vaping sessions, because of its effects.

High dosages (400mg about) are reserved for rare occasions and are perfect if you are looking for strong effects. For dosages greater than 600mg, CBD DIESEL SOUR e-liquid must be diluted in a base before vaping. The e-liquid CBD DIESEL SOUR also benefits from the legalization by European decree No. 639-2014. You can therefore freely use it.

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