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E-liquide CBD Super Skank - 10ml

CBD Super Skank E-Liquid - 10ml

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All types of e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Available in 3 strengths 100mg | 300mg | 500mg

The e-liquid CBD Super Skank of 10 ml is a product of Greeneo, a French brand specializing in the manufacture of e-liquids containing CBD. Compatible with all types of e-cigarettes, the CBD Super Skank e-liquid provides pleasure to all vapers, whatever the effects they are looking for.

It is indeed available in 3 concentrations of CBD (100 mg, 300 mg and 500 mg) and is flavoured with hemp, for unforgettable relaxing experiences.

The multiple aBenefits of CBD e-liquid Super Skank - 10 ml

CBD Super Skank e-liquid has a rather complex composition, including a combination of various natural terpenes. These components form a harmonious whole for you to enjoy a high quality vape experience.

You will recognize with each puff of CBD Super Skank e-liquid notes ofcitrus with theslightly sweet and earthy flavours hemp. In addition, the e-liquid CBD Super Skank is a product containing CBD.

Thus, it allows its consumer to relax and de-stress. In accordance with the legislation of the brand Greeneo, the e-liquid CBD Super Skank does not contain THC. It has no psychoactive effect on consumers.

The use CBD e-liquid Super Skank - 10 ml

For use CBD Super Skank e-liquid - 10 mlIt is of course necessary to have an e-cigarette. You have the choice of filling the tank of the e-cigarette with the e-liquid CBD Super Skankor simply pour it in few drops within the dripper.

As with all CBD-containing e-liquids, you should vape CBD Super Skank e-liquid at less than 30 watts and make sure you that the resistance of your e-cigarette is greater than 0.6 ohm.

You will then have to practice a good technique of aspiration to heat the resistance and vaper the e-liquid as it should. Because of the risk of drowsiness due to CBD, you are advised not to drive right after a session of vape.

The choice of CBD dosage

To better choose the dosage of CBD that You suitable, start with light concentrations CBD Super Skank e-liquid - 10 ml. Increase if necessary the doseuntil you find what you are looking for.

To be able to vaper your e-liquid daily, choose the dosage of 100 mg. For greater effects, opt for a one-time vape with a dosage of 300 mg. Reserve the 500 mg dosage for occasional vapes where you are looking for stronger effects .

To conclude, we must add that the e-liquid CBD Super Skank - 10 ml is recognized legal by decree in Europe. You are therefore in full freedom to use it.

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