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Cartouche Pod CBD 1% BUBBLEGUM 0,75ml

Cartridge 1% CBD BUBBLEGUM - 0.75ml

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Plant of Life

With a CBD content of 1%, the cartridge Pod Bubblegum of 0.75ml producte by Plant of Life brand offers its users a relaxing experience. PMoreover, its aroma BubblegumIt has a chewing gum taste in your mouth.

The strengths of the cartridge Pod CBD 1 Bubblegum

This cartridge with a capacity of 0.75mit will introduce its users to a wonderful chewing gum flavor-gum in the mouth. En effect, cdesigned for The vaporizers JUUL it contains an e-liquid consisting of 50% de glycérine végétale, de 50% de propylène glycol auquel est ajouté une aromatisation aux terpènes naturels conférant candte saveur de chewing-gum.

La Cartouche pod de Bible gum procure un effand relaxant à ces consommateurs malgré sa concentration de 1%. Tout cela n’est possible que grâce au CBD présent dans l’e-liquide de the cartridge.

Extrait grâce au CO2, le CBD est un cannaboïde dépourvu vu d’effands psychotropes contrairement au THC présent dans la marijuana. L’e-liquide contenu dans the cartridge bubblegum contient un taux de THC <0,01% limitant ainsi son action psychotrope.

Utilisation des cartridges pod Plant of life

In the search for’a unique experience in vaping your e-cigarandte it is recomto use cartridges for the purpose of Juul. In order to recharge his electronic cigarandte with cartridges Pod Plant of life, there is a procedure to follow.

For start, remove the plastic hood, and Gently remove the cap above the CBD cartridge with a flat screwdriver Bubblegum. You will then have to remove the silicon plug in which the tank is contained.

L’The next step is to fill the cartridge of your e liquid. The dosage to be applied depends on the effects sought and the material. In addition, it is important to be careful not to exceed the filling limit. à At the end of this phase, whatever’you will have to do, c’is reassemble all parts.

Clean if necessary, your cigarandte with a paper towel. It should be noted that generally the cartridges Pod are fully sealed. They are indeed ready for use.’employment. Les Juul pods seals are rather easy to open.

Thus, you will not’will have that’Remove the small plastic cap on top of the cartridge. To do this, slightly pry apart the sides of the cap with a small flathead screwdriver or with the’help from’a small tip. Lhe silicone cap that closes the tank becomes accessible.

Legal nature of the product

The cartridges Pod Bubblegum are strictly in accordance withs to European standards. The CBD contained in these cartridges is legal in France since 2019. Also, this product can be consumed legally.

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