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Cartouche Pod 1% CBD BANANA - 0,75ml

1% CBD BANANA Pod 1% Cartridge - 0.75ml

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Plant of Life

The brand Plant Of Life offers you the best of the vape with the cartridge Pod 1% CBD Banana. Available at in 0.75" formatml, this cartridge is fromsigned to be used with a Plant Of Life vaporizer.

It contains an e-liquid with only 1% from CBD and an aromatic banana flavor. Easy to use, this product from Plant Of Life is enormously beneficial to vapers.

Why invest in a cartridge Pod 1% CBD Banana - - — 0,75ml?

If you feel a need for fruit, rely on the e-liquid in the cartridge Pod 1% CBD Banana. It is an e-liquid composed of propylene glycol (PG)of vegetable glycerin (VG) and natural flavouring, i.e. a prefromfined mixture for broadcastr insifrom your palace a fragrance tasty, rich in banana freshness.

In this liquid, we find natural terpenes, from of plants that complement each other at the cannabidiol by flavouring the e-liquid of flavours concentrated, and this, For to offer you a tasty moment of relaxation.

The vape of this e-liquid causes the vapoteur rather subtle effects. It is the ifromal choice for beginners in vape, due to the low CBD content in the e-liquid.

Infromed, awith only 1of CBD, you will be able to enjoy of a experience of relaxation fromlicate and progressive, while savouring the sweet scent of banana.

It should also be adfromd that thee CBD facilitates smoking cessation. It acts on cannabinoid receptors, helping to reduce addiction to smoking.

How to use a cartridge Pod 1% CBD Banana - - — 0,75ml?

the cartridge Pod 1% CBD Banana - - — 0,75mlis manufactured with an integrated e-liquid. It is therefore not necessary to pay forcher another e-liquid to spill. You can directly use your cartridge, knowing that it is fromsigned specifically for electronic cigarettes Plant Of LifeIt is also compatible with JUUL vaporizers.

All you have to do to use it is to take it out of its box, remove its protection and insert it properly into your vaporizer. You can use it in many circumstances, whether it is to get a good quality sleep, to reduce your stress level, to simply relax, etc.

Enjoy your cartridge Pod 1% CBD Banana, without worrying about your health, czr the CBD molecule contained in it is extracted by the CO2 technique. It is therefore pure, free of chemical residues.

CarLegal status of the cartridge Pod 1% CBD Banana - - — 0,75ml

the cartridge Pod 1% CBD Banana is a product that is legal to market and consume in Europe. The CBD e-liquid contained in this cartridge is fromsigned according to the legal standards imposeds legislation. So you can smoke without fear.

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